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Logically speaking, 3:53 am is generally when everyone is asleep. However, Song Chen’s news erupted like magma, it is very rare for it to spread so quickly on the internet. In less than twenty minutes, it landed on the third slot on the hot search.

Song Chen pinched her arms to awaken herself from her fear. She needs to think rationally right now.

There had been no news from the company and she couldn’t even contact her agent. Everything's happening so fast. If someone said that there isn’t anyone pulling the strings at the back, Song Chen wouldn’t believe it.

Calm down, calm down, calm down, Song Chen took a deep breath. She fiercely pinched herself to force herself calm down, and look at those pictures carefully.

She is very clear that she never took these intimate photos before. She is already this big and had only had that one boyfriend. They have never done those large-scale film, so where did these photos come from?

Did someone secretly install some cameras at her house?

Song Chen looked at those photos. She does not have the slightest impression of them at all. That woman in the picture looks nothing like her at all.

Could it be photoshopped?

Thinking till there, Song Chen’s heart tightened. Who would use so much effort to compile all these photos to ruin her?!

Song Chen forced herself to calm down and analyze the situation in front of her. She couldn’t get in contact with her agent or her company which shows that person informed the company in advance. What benefit does the company receive from ignoring her other than to cut her off?

She ruled out the people who would do this. Someone who is very powerful and could get both her agent and company to ignore her, therefore, it could not be some common artist who is in conflict with her. She excluded them right away. Song Chen sneered.

Li Mo Qing, you can also play this trick?

How could she forget? Li Mo Qing’s new lover is in the same cast as her and had been offended by her.

For his new lover, he would even stab his old one.

She took out her phone and called each of her friends one by one. Some did not even pick up as if they had been warned by Lishi, some picked up but were only stalling. Song Chen sneered, she knew deep in her heart that Li Mo Qing had cut off any retreat for her.

Also, her company and agent is shutting her off, who else is going to help her?

There’s no way to help Song Chen anymore, where must we get involved?

She doesn’t have many female friends in the entertainment industry, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any. However, the ones that Song Chen consider a good friend and would look for her at a time for help, there aren’t many.

The closest person to her is Du Yu Shu but she must already be asleep.

Song Chen bitterly smiled.

In just a few minutes, it had already spread rapidly. Ever since the scandal was exposed, all of Song Chen’s dark history had been dug out. Everything has been distorted as if it was the truth. If it wasn’t herself, Song Chen would’ve thought she was a heinous evildoer.

Sex scandal, poser, bully newcomers, affair with directors, no respect for seniors, rude, no manners, scheming whore, slapped newcomers.

These things are compiled together to seem like they were facts. Even though there were no evidence or photos, the netizens went with the flow and started cursing.

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