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It began to rain in the middle of the night. It rained for a while followed by thunder and lightning. The purple lightning shot from the sky, brightening the room, showing a man and a woman sweetly embracing.

The next morning, the sky was a clear blue mixing with the sweet atmosphere.

When Du Yu Shu woke up, it was seven in the morning. She was in an uncomfortable position as she struggles to open her eyes. She vaguely opened her eyes and felt some pressure on her waist and discomfort around her neck. A throbbing pain shot up and down her body. However, her body wasn’t sticky so someone must have helped clean her up, making her feel better. One of the man’s arm is laid under her neck while the other is wrapped around her waist. Du Yu Shu felt hot and turned around to bite down on his arm.

Her body felt uncomfortable and her strength was barely intact. Ye Jing An woke up in a daze and fiddle with her hair, “What is it?”

“Go away.” Du Yu Shu barely had the strength to say it out loud.

Ye Jing An smiled and rubbed her back as he warmly coaxed, “Sleep.”

Either Ye Jing An’s stroking is too comfortable or she is too tired, a wave of sleepiness hit her as she struggled to keep her eyes opened. Ye Jing An coaxed her for a while and turned the AC down. He covered tightly Du Yu Shu with the quilt and came out of bed.

Maybe he should start learning how to make breakfast.

Shu Shu should be sleeping for a little longer so he should use this time to make breakfast.

….Even though he doesn’t know how to cook at all.

In the end, Ye Jing An failed to make basic porridge. The first time it turned to paste, the second time it got stuck in the pot, the third time it wasn’t sticky enough, the fourth time it is too diluted...

Anyway, a problem always appears.

He does not want to place this defective thing on the table.

At half past nine, Du Yu Shu woke up to the sound of her phone ringing.

Her brother sounded, “Shu Shu, I found her.”


Theat day, Weibo was in turmoil.

At two in the afternoon, several big V accounts released multiple posts–––#Gossip about the dealings behind the back of the affectionate man#

The post only had this one sentence accompanied by nine pictures, each respectively showing Li Mo Qing being affectionate with different women, looking very intimate. Some pictures were taken in a dimmed environment, only the outline could be seen but some were very obvious. With one look, anyone could recognize it is Li Mo Qing.

The entire Weibo platform was in an uproar. Li Mo Qing’s image as a loving man was torn in pieces. The comments on Li Mo Qing and Lishi’s Official Weibo revealed some skepticism. Lishi’s rival companies took advantage of this situation by allowed other big marketing Vs to reproduce this news so that it could spread farther and farther. Because of the widespread attention #Li Mo Qing# appeared as the number one item on the search list

Li Mo Qing at this time is very flustered. He first contacted a marketing V account to clean it up but the evidence is too conclusive so it’s not easy to wash it clean. There was no trace was it being photoshopped, it is definitely the original picture, without any modifications. A few days ago, Li Mo Qing showed his deep affection but today’s scene was a great contrast. It is really ironic.

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