diart entry 2

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Actually, I didn’t want to write a diary, but mom said, if I persist in doing it, I could get three balls every day. So, I might as well do it.

What are three balls? It is a type of pastry my dad makes. Because it is very complicated and time-consuming to make, my dad would only make ten balls a day for mom and they would nestle together and eat. Even though I also like to eat it, dad would always find a way to make sure I wouldn’t dare touch those pastries.

It is better if I just write a diary.

At least three balls are good enough for me, dad cannot reject this.

I always feel like our family rules are strange. Other family’s sons would be pampered and spoiled by their elders. And then there is our family, I am a tenacious, independent dog, no one cares about me at all.

My dad said, “Boys should be more self-disciplined. If your emotions erupt, how are you going to chase girls? If girls don’t care, they would want to be pampered. But boys should still be more self-discipline, if you’re too stupid, in the future, girls would feel wronged,”

Mom didn’t say anything and looked meaningfully at dad.

Me, “....”

Who do you think is like you who has a low IQ and EQ who stupidly bullied the girl that you like?!

I am smarter than you!

But I didn’t dare say it out loud.
No one loves me [doge]

–––Hahahaha, I was just kidding, who doesn’t love me?

I have so many beautiful, lovely, noble, elegant, indifferent and intellectual fans [heart]

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