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《VHA》’s first one and a half hour episode along with the ten-minute interview right after, which added up to 100 minutes, brought in intense laughter. Everyone’s performance was remarkable, the ratings were good and the public opinions were not bad. Overall, it could be said that the reality show was a great hit.

After the show ended, Du Yu Shu casually asked, “You still have to work tomorrow right? When are you going back?”

“There are still some scenes,” Ye Jing An smiled, “I have to go back right away.”

“Did you book a hotel room?”

“Guess.” Ye Jing An smiled at her, his eyes revealing no emotion.

“Where’s Wei Meng?”

“Not here.”

“Your driver?”



"Whereabouts unknown."

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Du Yu Shu looked him expressionlessly, “You want to stay at my place?”

“I am looking to be taken in.” Ye Jing An casually opened Weibo, “You accepted my flowers, is it hard to ask for some nurturing? You even want to kick me out. Do you not even give your mistress a room to live?

“No.” Du Yu Shu took the tablet back, “Get out.”

“Are you sure?” Ye Jing An suddenly smiled, “Do you know what is going to be in the headlines tomorrow?”

“––––Emperor Ye came out of Leading Actress Du’s house late at night, clothes not in order, suspected romance.”

“Then we could go public about our relationship. Shu Shu, I never thought you would do this for my sake. You knew I want to announce our relationship….ug…”

Before he finished, Ye Jing An was punched in the shoulder by an expressionless Du Yu Shu.

“Murdered your own husband ah….”

“Shut up.” Du Yu Shu viciously said, “What nonsense are you spouting. Those paparazzi can’t even enter this building.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Ye Jing An laughed, “I can give them photos, videos, and news.”

Du Yu Shu, “.....”

“Since the little lady wants to warm the bed, I would naturally agree,” Du Yu Shu blankly said, “But, could you please get plastic surgery first. Also, I like E-cup chests.”

“Come, let’s look at Weibo. Look, they are all urging us to be together. You can only become a qualified idol when you meet your fans’ demands” Ye Jing An helplessly said, “They support you and like you so much, how could you not satisfy them with this small and simple request?”

Du Yu Shu took back the tablet, simply too lazy to deal with him, “You can stay for as long as you want but I don’t take IOUs.”

Ye Jing An calmly pulled out his wallet and took out two black cards. He gently laughed, “Take it.”

“I estimated to stay here for a year. Also, darling,” Ye Jing An ambiguously smiled, “Isn’t what’s mine also yours? If you want a housekeeper, I will absolutely support it.”

Du Yu Shu, “.....” She lost.

“Your face is really thick.” Du Yu Shu helplessly said, “I really underestimated you.”

Ye Jing An seriously said, “Being thick skin is the only way I could marry a wife. If I’m thin-skinned, I could only remain a single dog forever.”

Du Yu Shu, “.....”

“I regret it,” Du Yu Shu earnestly said, “I used to think you are a high and mighty male god. Only later did I realize you are a rogue. Is it too late to regret it?”

“It’s too late.” Ye Jing An took back the tablet and put it in between them, “It’s as if you were to go to the market and buy a snack. When you took a bite and do not like it, do you think the boss will let you return it?”

“However, there seems to be something strange going on.” Ye Jing An scrolled through Weibo and suddenly said.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal.” Du Yu Shu casually glanced at it and saw some hate comments which she had long been unperturbed to. She pushed Ye Jing An to the guest bedroom, “Quickly go get some sleep. Don’t you still have to go back tomorrow morning? It will take several hours to drive back, why didn’t you bring a driver with you?”

“They didn’t let me come, but I really want to see you.” Ye Jing An shrugged as if it was something natural.

Du Yu Shu’s finger trembled, startled by his words.

“But I really do need to get to bed now. Good night, Shu Shu.” Ye Jing An smiled. Du Yu Shu let out an embarrassed cough saw that he didn’t close the door, “Close the door before you sleep.”

“But I don’t want to close the door before you leave.” Ye Jing An smiled at her, those peach blossom eyes revealed showed some tenderness.

Du Yu Shu’s heart trembled. She pushed Ye Jing An into the room and closed the door. She rubbed her burning cheeks.

This feeling, aside from being at a loss at what to do, felt very sweet.

A feeling of sweetness slowly overflowed from the bottom of her heart.

Du Yu Shu had been resting for an entire so she doesn’t feel sleepy at all. Instead, she took out her phone and scrolled through Weibo.

#Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu# is still number one on Weibo’s hot search list. When Du Yu Shu clicked on it, she saw a cp video.

It is a bunch of clips cut out from the show and pieced together. At that time, Du Yu Shu didn’t know what expression her eyes were showing as she stared at Ye Jing An, but this time, when she watched the video, she could see it very clearly.

So clear and bright, full of joy and innocence, all for that one person, as if he is her world.

And when Ye Jing An looked into her eyes, it was so bright and so warm, full of joy and sincerity all for her.

Blushing, Du Yu Shu put aside her phone, getting ready to sleep.

In fact, many artists’ friendly interactions are through Weibo. For example, her, Song Chen and Yan Xi.

Although Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s interaction on Weibo allowed many people to speculate, these groundless speculations are just malicious conjectures made by other people. If there were to say anything about it, the netizens would find a way to distort their meaning.

But slowly, the wind had transferred from Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An to Song Chen!

On Weibo, all of Song Chen and Li Mo Qing’s past history had been dug up. Song Chen contacted her agent who just said some vague words and then hung up. When she called again, it didn’t go through.

Song Chen had a bad feeling that this incident was directed at her from the very beginning.

3:35 in the middle of the night, a set of pictures were uploaded online.

Song Chen’s sex scandal!

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