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“What a coincidence.” Ye Jing An eyelash flutter as he calmly smiled, “Do you want to join us?”

Meng Yun Rui decisively rejected, “No, no, no, no, you two chat.”

At the same time, Wang Xiao Chen answered, “Okay.”

Meng Yun Rui, “....”

Ye Jing An calmly smiled, but the action looks very forceful, “Then why don’t Xiao Chen join us and Yun Rui could find his own solution, how’s that?”

Only then did Wang Xiao Chen realize that something is wrong. When he saw that warm smile on Ye Jing An’s face, his heart trembled.

–––Why does Ye ge look so scary!

Meng Yun Rui laughed, “Xiao Chen and I still have something to do so we won’t disturb you and Shu jie. We have to rush back to the crew so we won’t disturb you guys. Enjoy your meal.”

Meng Yun Rui pulled at Wang Xiao Chen’s arm and glared at him as a sign. Wang Xiao Chen spoke up, “Right, right, right. We’re heading back to the crew right now. The director gave us half an hour’s time of break and it is almost up….”

“Is your director Wang Xi?” Ye Jing An meddled, brows wrinkled with a relaxed tone. He had an elegant and graceful bearing, like an ancient prince who stepped out of an ink painting, looking simple and elegant.

“Yes.” Wang Xiao Chen obliviously replied.

“Only half an hour of break time? Is that enough?” Ye Jing An reluctantly asked. His tone remained unchanged but had a bit of seriousness in them, “I have some connection to Director Wang, I will talk to him about giving you guys more time. How can you rest well when you can’t even finish your meal in half an hour?”

Meng Yun Rui was dumbstruck.

Wang Xiao Chen, “....”

But their break time is not half an hour but an hour and a half! How are they going to explain this!

Wang Xiao Chen’s heart collapsed.

Du Yu Shu almost instantly understood what Ye Jing An is thinking, her lips unconsciously hooked up. Ye Jing An really does seem like a senior in the industry, looking very helpless but also extending some advice, “You two are young but you still have to take care of your body. Don’t worry, Director Wang has a good temper, I will talk to him. Come on, let’s go eat.”

“You two haven’t eaten yet, right?” Ye Jing An turned and casually asked.

“No, no, no!” Meng Yun Rui immediately said, “We already ate!”

“Yes, we already ate till we’re full!” Wang Xiao Chen interjected, “We can’t eat anymore.”

“But you obviously came from behind me,” Ye Jing An calmly pointed out the problem in their statement, “Don’t be so cautious, we still have to shoot a reality show tomorrow.”

Meng Yun Rui, “...” I’m not cautious at all!!

“It’s not like that. We just saw you so we only came by to say hello!” Meng Yun Rui said nonsensically, “We ate too much earlier so we were walking back to the crew to aid in our digestion.”

“Right, right, it is like that.” Wang Xiao Chen also nodded his head.

“That’s good, then I won’t hinder you any longer,” Ye Jing An patted Meng Yun Rui’s shoulder, “Be careful on the road and pay attention to your health.”

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