diary entry 4

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My three conception of life has been hit hard.

My outlook on life, my outlook on the world, my values and standard have all been hit hard.

This happens all the time.

My parents are already in their forties, so shouldn’t they be more mature, refined and steady? Shouldn’t they focus on their son? A few days ago, a divorced couple in the entertainment industry fighting for custody of their son appeared on the headlines!

And my parents, tut.

I feel like everytime, they are in the headlines, it is because of their display of conjugal love [Cold Face]

Let me take a sip of water and calm down.

The reason why I am so bitter and crazed is because I saw something I shouldn’t see.

I saw my father, who is a serious clean freak, who hates cats, adorably feeding the little kitty milk.

Feed milk!

I almost couldn’t myself and ran out!

Do you know how terrifying it was! I really thought my father would stangle it!

But that didn’t happen. My father cautiously and stiffly held Mimi, looking very awkward. Mimi uncomfortably scratched him but he didn’t resist.

He didn’t resist.


T/N: Click one’s tongue.

I retracted my step and saw my father cautiously looking around like a thief and frowned as he pull Mimi up on the sofa and fed it milk from a bottle.

Mimi was unfamiliar with him so he didn’t drink. Instead he used his paws to scratch his hair.

I feel like he treats Mimi better than he does me [indifference.jpg]

“What’s so great about you….who would like you….why must we get along….so ugly…..”

Even though my father muttered in dissatisfaction, he still didn’t toss Mimi aside.

Instead, he still persistently fed Mimi milk.

As I was brought out of my memories, I felt dispirited.

I stared at the phone in my hand. I accidentally recorded it just now.

I can’t be the only one blinded!

Mu Shu Ye (v): I want to share with you guys something wonderful [Heart] [Video]

Let everyone join me and be blinded (*/w*)!

Tomorrow’s Dehua (v): Shit, shit, shit! This was once my male god!”

“Oh my god!”

“I want to be that cat!”

“How can Male God be so gentle to the little kitten!”

“Didn’t you say you have mysophobia! Don’t you say you hate cats! Male God, did you forget that variety show??!”

“Love, it really is the most powerful thing to change people [Meaningful Face]

“My heart hurts.”

“The Female Goddess clearly isn’t home but because of her, Male God could even tolerate this existence, it really is….conjugal love.”

“I hate this type of display of love.”

The grievances in the comments section soothed my wounded heart. I silently forwarded my own post.

Mu Shu Ye (v): I can’t be the only one blinded // I want to share with you guys something wonderful [Heart] [Video]

“(。ˋД´。) Don’t you think Male God is spoiling him! Even though his words are mean, his tone says otherwise!”

“Really spoiled ah….”

“It’s so blinding, no wonder King Mu Shu can’t even stand it.”

“I have never seen this strong display of love, do they not care about us single dogs!”

“Everytime I see Male God and Female Goddess’ show of of love, I want to divorce my husband.”

“That person who wants to divorce, wait for me, I also want to divorce!”

“Compared the Male God and Female Goddess’ show of of love, everyone else is considered weak in comparison!”

“For you I can get rid of my mysophobia, for you I am willing to endure anything, for you I am willing to raise a cat, for you I am willing to get along with this goblin….so cute!”

“I suddenly feel like those love in romance novels are considered weak to what I am witnessing right now [doge].”

“There are many high-profile CPs in the entertainment industry just like the ‘Double God CP’ but in the end, they still broke up, got a divorce and fight for custody of their children. It seems like it will happen as well for the ‘Double God CP’...”

“This an example of being more loving as they age. Tut, it is reported that the past few days a CP who had been together for more than twenty years who have started dating since high school and is believed to last forever are getting divorced.”

“Oh right, there seems to be a heated custody battle going on these past two days. I wonder if these two people not remember the promises they made each other….”

“It is said that extramarital affair…”

Why has the discussion transfer to here?

I stared at the comments and silently shut it down.
During this time, someone knocked on my bedroom door.

Mom came in.

Me, “....”

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