diary entry 6

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From here on out, I will make my own food, do my own laundry, clean my own room...

Oh right, my network, I have to get my own network!

My dad really did cut me off from the internet!

Am I really his son?!

I was filled with indignant injustice. My heart nearly jumped out as I watch my computer unable to connect to the network. I wanted to go and have a talk with dad.

And then….

Faced with dad’s gentle and elegant smile, I can’t get a word out.

I’m going to live in a hotel.

I can’t live in this house!

––My life has been frozen.

Father come out! Let’s talk!

I am the lowest in the family, this I have confirmed again and again.

Baby’s heart is bitter but baby can’t say it.

Baby is depressed!

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