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Du Yu Shu was about to say something when a scream sounded from the TV. They unconsciously looked up at the screen and their lips curved up.


At this time, some comments appeared on the screen, “Looks like the female goddess is afraid of spiders o(n_n)o~~……”

Later, they specifically put a close-up on the spider with a caption, “The culprit who disturbed the goddess.”

On the screen, Du Yu Shu was fleeing away wildly when she crashed into the arms of Ye Jing An. Ye Jing An gently consoled her back as he comforts her with soft words.

The caption group must have favored them as they wrote in fancy fonts, “The Best Warm Man.”

Du Yu Shu couldn’t help laughing, “At that time, I was only doing it for the entertainment factor of the show. Now that they edit it, I feel a little stupid.”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s fine if I am smart.” Ye Jing An lightly said, “I can raise you.”

“I make money to support my family and you are as beautiful as a flower. Are you not satisfied with this pairing?” Ye Jing An smile at her. They didn’t know when the distance between them disappeared as they tilt their heads to look at each other.

Of course, I’m satisfied, ‘ Du Yu Shu smiled, “Master is a person who judges by appearance. If the beauty if not beautiful anymore, even if master earns money, the master will not support.”

“I knew you like my face.” Ye Jing An’s eyes flowed like water, “Talk, when did you start liking me?”

“Pei!” Du Yu Shu snickered and continued to look at the TV screen.

“This is the first time I participated in a reality show. Because it was so hurried, I didn’t think the results would be good.” Du Yu Shu rubbed her chin, “The editing team did a great job, it’s funny enough.”

“That’s because you were funny.” Ye Jing An laughed, “It was only a spider but you reacted that way. When I saw you, I thought you saw a Jurassic dinosaur.”

“Didn’t I immediately ran into you this big dinosaur right after?”

The two people on the screen continued to move on, their mouths moving nonstop until they encountered a box. As the two people on screen were jesting, Ye Jing An asked, ““Why don’t you guess, will I help you or not?” At this time, a male voice appeared on the screen, and quickly cut to commercial, “We’ll be right back after these short messages.”

Du Yu Shu looked helpless, “......The program group sure knows where to cut off.”

“This is the perfect time to check Weibo.”

Du Yu Shu picked up the tablet from the coffee table and put it on her leg. Ye Jing An naturally leaned in and inhaled from Du Yu Shu’s neck. An indescribable feeling overcame him.

Du Yu Shu opened Weibo, “It’s already on the hot search.”

“It’s only on the third spot on the hot search. What’s first?” Ye Jing An absent-mindedly said, his gaze staying on Du Yu Shu’s delicate white neck.

“Lian Cheng announced his non-celebrity girlfriend.” Du Yu Shu glanced and frowned, “Non-celebrity girlfriend? I remember he was rumored to be dating that female announcer a few months ago.”

“Maybe it’s to refute a rumor.” Ye Jing An casually said.

“Last time, I saw them kissing.” Du Yu Shu recalled that scene, “At that time, Lian Cheng was discussing something about love and marriage. Who would’ve thought he would tell everyone about his non-celebrity girlfriend today.”

Du Yu Shu put emphasis on the words non-celebrity. Du Yu Shu no longer bothers with this topic and changed it to the topic of《VHA》and the feedback from the netizens.

Angel Always Go to the Toilet at Night: Ahhhhhh! Why is the program group so inhumane!!! Why must they end it here!!! The Goddess and the Male God looks perfect together!!!

Always Drowsy During the Day: I am firmly staying on the Yan-Shu* Party!! But now I feel like rebelling! I feel like Ye Jing An and the female goddess are a match ahhhh! This type of love-hate relationship is so strong! That “Why don’t you guess, will I help you or not?” That evil overbearing CEO charm, so cute!

T/N: Referring to the ship of Yan Xi and Du Yu Shu.

Everyday There Are Wicked People Who Want to Hurt Zhen: Where is the bad relationship?! Officials come out! Reporters come out! I remember you said they physically fight each other! This love-hate relationship is considered bad?! This is clearly deep love!

Deep in Love: I have a funny feeling in my stomach that a certain goddess is about to get married…...

Although there were many harmonious comments, there are also some hateful ones too. But since they have been in the entertainment circle for so long, they have gotten used to these hate comments. They just ignore it and continued to scroll down.

Ye Jing An smiled cheerfully until his eyes couldn’t be seen, “They said we look like a married couple.”

Du Yu Shu smiled and continue to look down. Ye Jing An rested his head on her shoulder and said, “Why don’t we post something too? Meng Yun Rui and the others posted who knows how many and we only posted one.”

“Alright, what should we post?” Du Yu Shu thought for a moment and asked.

“Let’s take advantage of this opportunity. Why don’t you just simply post ‘Are you going to come and help me?’ and I will forward it.”Having said that, Ye Jing An took out his phone.

“Okay.” Du Yu Shu complied.

Du Yu Shu’s heart softened thinking about how Ye Jing An rushed from another city to see her and have to rush back tomorrow morning.

She posted a post on Weibo.

Du Yu Shu (v): Are you going to help me [Meow] @Ye Jing An

Ye Jing An smiled and typed. He looked over at Du Yu Shu, his heart overflowing with sweetness.

… could he not help?

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