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Reality is always unexpected. When Du Yu Shu opened the door, she was taken aback when saw the man smiling gently at her.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

Ye Jing An's hand were clasped behind his back as he gently said, “I miss you.”

I missed you, so I came.

So simple and straightforward, it left Du Yu Shu dumbfounded.

I missed you so I flew a few hundred kilometers from a different city to see you for a couple of hours.

Even if it is only for a minute, it is fine.

Although Ye Jing An had been professing his love repeatedly for her these days, she still couldn’t find any words to refute him after being faced with Ye Jing An’s simple but moving sentence.

Her cheeks flushed.

Ye Jing An’s eyes flashed a smile, “Are you not going to invite me in?”

Du Yu Shu glanced at him. After watching and following him for so many years, how could she not notice his littlest movements?

Ye Jing An’s ears are red.

Du Yu Shu jokingly smiled, “Not anyone could enter my home.”

“When you enter my home, you would belong to me. Does the little lady understand?”

Du Yu Shu lazily lean against the door frame and gracefully tapped his chin with her phone, “Do you understand?”

Ye Jing An’s demeanor remained unchanged. He nodded his head in a calm and gentle manner, “Of course.”

Du Yu Shu laughed in high spirits, “Congratulations, you have become my sixteenth concubine.”

“Then who is the primary wife?” Ye Jing An calmly asked.

That is not the point...

Du Yu Shu thought for a moment, “So you still hope to become the main wife?”

Is this implying that there is no main wife?

Ye Jing An smiled, “Then who are the remaining fifteen concubines?”

Du Yu Shu glared at him and walked inside. Enter if you want or not!

Ye Jing An smiled and entered. Du Yu Shu looked back and met his soul-stirring peach blossom eyes which carry some lightness in it. His lips slowly raised into a slight smile as he reveals a bouquet of flowers. That bouquet of cream-color roses softened his features making him look more gentle.

“Shu Shu, I like you.”

His expression and voice aren’t serious, instead, it was light and soft, as gentle as the clouds in the sky.

“.....Do you know what the champagne rose represent?”

Du Yu Shu heard herself asked in a daze. She looked at him, captivated by his peach blossom eyes.

“The champagne rose is the national flower of Bulgaria. It means,” Ye Jing An paused and eye smile at her, but in those smiling eyes, Du Yu Shu could see the unprecedented seriousness and sincerity, “Falling in love with you is the happiest thing that has happened to me. thinking of you brings me   the sweetest pain, being with you is my pride, without you, I am a ship lost at sea.”

Ye Jing An’s voice is very light, like a hundred-year-old wine, making one feel intoxicated.

Du Yu Shu felt like she is drunk.

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