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In fact, regarding publicizing their relationship, it doesn’t matter anymore.

In the entertainment circle, there are many relationships that are kept hidden due to fear of damaging their image and fear that their relationship won’t be able to stand the public storm. But to Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu, it does not matter.

But we have been feuding for so many years, we should give our fans some time to respond, we can’t load it on them all at once.


“Then the partner that Du Yu Shu choose is?”

In the semi-open plaza were countless screaming fans as the sexy host brilliantly smiles and asked.

Du Yu Shu smiles and points the microphone towards the audience and ask, “Who do you want me to choose?”

“Ye Jing An! Ye Jing An!”

“Li Hong Yi! Li Hong Yi!”

“Ye Jing An!”

Du Yu Shu smiled. A black suit jacket is draped over her shoulder, giving her an imposing air, “Tut, today I am very a very imposing suit. I should pick a soft and gentle girl to partner with me. Wouldn’t that be suitable?”

“Jiang Yi Xin!”

“Zhao Dan Qing!”

The fans continued to scream as Du Yu Shu slowly walked by the row of actors. Several of them have a look of anticipation on their face. When she walked in front of Jiang Yi Xin, the fans scream even louder.

“Are you willing to be partners with me?” Du Yu Shu asks Ye Jing An. At his side, Jiang Yi Xin’s visibly showed a hurt look.

“I am willing.” Ye Jing An smiles at her and thought that Du Yu Shu is becoming more and more childish. Earlier, she didn’t care about his joke, now she just dealt a huge blow on him.

“Are you cheating us? Where is the warm gentle girl?” The host pretended to be dissatisfied.

As the fans were discussing under the stage, Du Yu Shu calmly walked over to Ye Jing An. He is dressed like the male lead in the movie from a few years back. He looks like a student with a white shirt and casual pants, looking very heartwarming.

“Between the two of us, who is more handsome?” Du Yu Shu expressionlessly stood next to Ye Jing An, looking very elegant and cool. Ye Jing An softly smiles, making the fans scream even more.

“Ahhhh Goddess is handsome!”

“Male God is so gentle and bright! Ahhh!”

“They are suitable together! One is cold and arrogant, the other is soft and warm. I support this pair!”

“Ahhhh, I’m a Shu-Jing fan! Ahhh! They are flirting at the site, I can now die without regrets!”

Everyone else decided on their partners by the process. This game is to test the coordination of each team. The host would give a phrase, one person will draw it and the other would guess in within one minute to move onto the next level. In the next level, the time limit would be reduced to 50 seconds and so forth. After Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An finished discussing, they decided for Du Yu Shu to draw and Ye Jing An to guess.

The first phrase is: “Sunrise in the east, rain in the west.”

Eight words, Du Yu Shu drew eight lines. Ye Jing An pinches his brows, “Eight words?”

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