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“That’s fake!”

"Liar! Liar! He's lying!"



The woman swept everything off the table, creating shattering sounds as the glass crash to the floor. Her lips raised into a cold smile as a look of killing intent flashed in her eyes.

“Li Mo Qing, you are heartless, don’t blame me for being rash!”

Li Mo Qing’s confession set out an uproar in the entertainment and business world. No one expected this matter to be so complicated. Everyone was caught off guard and couldn’t respond.

The netizens were shocked silly as the direction of the public opinion took a huge turn.

Song Chen was completely turned into a self-striving, meritous young woman and the person who exposed the news became a vicious jealous woman in the eyes of the public. This stark contrast really makes a person feel at a loss.

However, the protagonist of this affair, just like a few days ago when the photos were released, had no response.

The public was looking forward to Song Chen’s response, to see the so-called perfect couple walked together to a perfect ending. Once again, Song Chen was heavily searched on Weibo.

There were some discordant voices which were quickly submerged by the large water navy. When Du Yu Shu saw this battle, she couldn’t help but sigh, “This is the power of the water navy, tut tut.”

“Li Mo Qing had raised them for so many years just for this day, it seems like his extensive preparation really paid off.”

“Puchi––” Ye Jing An grabbed the mouse and turned to a few pages, “Your mouth is very poisonous.”

“Tomorrow we have to film the next installment of the reality show. It is said that we are going to H province with a new guest. Are you looking forward to it?”

“No.” Du Yu Shu took the mouse back and coldly said, “Look forward to what, looking forward to you to be more lenient toward me? Heh.”

“I can.” Ye Jing An smiled and gave up on getting the mouse, “If you say it, I will be willing.”

“Fine, I will let you go” Du Yu Shu indifferently said, “I will show you mercy so don’t worry little princess.”

Ye Jing An helplessly rubbed her head. This girl who is unwilling to lose is really... cute.

“Look at this.” Ye Jing An took the mouse and log into his email account and opened a file. “Do you think this evidence is strong enough? This will refute Li Mo Qing’s love confession. This is called getting slapped in the face.”

“Everything is ready, except for that ex-girlfriend. If we find her, we could begin the counterattacks.”

Du Yu Shu downloaded the file from the email and carefully look at it. “This is the history of all his relationships in recent years? He really does go through woman very quickly. It looks like there is one for every month, tut tut.”

“Who said that he only had one lover? He had kept three to four lovers, at most six. Not only are there photos, but there are also videos.” Ye Jing An calmly said, “And he said that he was dating Song Chen for three years.”

“Tut, should I tell Ah Chen?” Du Yu Shu looked at the bedroom door in hesitation. Ye Jing An patted her shoulder and gently smooth out her hair, “Go.”

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