Chapter 34

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Tiana POV

That call wasn't something I had been expecting and everything I'd been hoping would never come back. Just his voice had made me angry, scared, guilty and everything in between. Who gave him the right to hurt me and then come back when I'm trying so hard to get better? Who gave him the right to do that?

As much as I don't want it to, the call played in my head like a broken record. Playing on and on in repeat like a disgusting song I wish was never played. Just like that, I had gone back to everything I had been forgetting. Except this time it's mixed with confusion.

Why'd he have to do this?

Tyson and Xavier had gone back to their homes, spirits filled just a little bit with hope. It's a different feeling, knowing you have someone to hold you if you fall. It's a wonderful feeling.

"Hey, wanna bake a cake?" Amanda asks out of the blue and I let out a startled laugh.

"You bake? Ms.The-fury- of-the-dead-is-with-me? Really?" I ask, putting on a timidly placed grin.

"Well, I love displacing stereotypes so yes, I do bake," she says with a wink. What's with this girl and her winks?

"I thought you were all about displacing gender stereotypes too?" I ask with an eyebrow raised.

"Nah, if I'm being honest I'm all about minding my own damn business and doing as I fucking please. Don't tell anyone though, it's a secret," she says, placing a finger to her lips and letting out a soft "shhhh" to go along with it.

"Secret's safe with me," I laugh. I had been so tired. So tired and so messed up and so out of it. I'm a little better now, just a little, and that's enough.

"Go take a shower, you haven't had one in days," Amanda says and I wince.

"Ah right. Showers are a thing."

"Yeah, and they're an important thing."

I roll my eyes. "Yeah yeah I get the point. Don't have to rub it in."

"Well, time's a-tickin' love," Amanda says, gesturing to her imaginary watch. I roll my eyes again before climbing up the stairs to my room.

If I'm being honest, having Amanda here to tell me what to do is a comfort to me. Especially during those days when I forget what to do and who to be. I may act annoyed but, in my heart, I'm grateful. It's nice, I guess, having someone in places you don't need them but want them. It's... comforting.

When I reach the top of the stairs, I hear my phone ring. Curious, since my phone isn't exactly filled with missed calls and texts, I pick it up.

"I didn't know picking up a phone could take so long," the voice in the other end of the phone says and I freeze.

"Well? Aren't you going to say something?"

Everything in me wants to put the phone down. To cut the call and never think of it again. But I can't. I can't move. I don't think I can breathe. I can't breathe. I can't.

"Jesus fucking-"

"Why?" is all I can manage to say. Nothing makes sense.

"Why what? Why did I call? To inform you that the house is sold. That's all I want to say," he says but I want answers. I'm angry and scared and I need answers and I need to get them.

"No. Why did you... why did you hurt me? Why did you try so hard to hate me?" I say. My voice isn't steady and my mind is running but I said it, I finally did, and I am proud.

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