Chapter 5

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Tyson POV

After Tiana leaves, all of us look at her retreating back in a slight daze. What did she mean when she said we won't be seeing her again? Why did she look so sad when she said that? Why do I have a feeling that something extremely bad is going to happen?

I try ignoring the feeling that buy my uneasiness doesn't go away. Maybe its the way she smiled, like it was the last time she's ever going to see us (or anything for that matter) or maybe it was the way she walked with a sort of purpose behind it, like she's steeling herself to do something hard. Whatever it is, it has me feeling like something incredibly wrong is about to happen.

"Tyson? Tyson! Hey dumb butt!" Xavier shouts, bringing me out of my thoughts. I shake my head a little to clear it up a bit and turn to look at him.

"Were you in dreamland with a certain Tiana Collins?" Amanda asks, smirking. I don't even bother answering. I have to know what is happening. Something tells me I have to follow her and I am smart enough to follow my gut instincts.

"Something's not right. I'm gonna follow the girl home. Something doesn't feel right with me," I say, glancing at her now very distant figure.

"Stalking her is not gonna make her feel comfortable with you," Xavier shouts at I get up but I don't answer him, I just run for a bit to catch up with her but still stay far enough from her that she doesn't notice. She seems to be too lost in though to notice though. This fact somehow makes my stomach churn even more with the uneasy feeling, creating more discomfort than before.

When she reaches her house, she's so lost in thought that she forgets to close the door. This just adds to my discomfort.

I hear her footsteps going up, what I'm assuming, is the staircase. When I'm sure she isn't in the room, I enter her house.

Everything is a mess inside. Nothing seems to be where it should be. And, for some reason, there's a sofa facing away from me. Most of the furniture has some weird red sploches on it. I walk closer to get a look at what the red sploches are.

And freeze.


The urge to check on Tiana intensifies and I walk over to the stairs. And I freeze. Again.

There's a woman lying on the sofa facing away from the door with black, glazed, eyes and Tiana's beautiful chocolate brown hair.

And she's high.

Tiana's mother is a drug addict.

She looking far off into space and it's clear as day  that she doesn't know what's happening around her. Or that's what I thought.

When I move to walk up the stairs, she stops me. When I look at her, she looks back at me with an intense look in her eye, so incredibly serious and piercing that I felt like shrinking into myself.

"Take care of her," she says, looking at me. When I nod, she giggles loudly, laughs, and goes back to looking at nothing.

Well then.

I walk up the stairs and find Tiana's room. I enter her room and look around. When I don't find her, I start panicking until I see the that bathroom light is on.

She's probably having a bath.

There's a book on the bed and, for some reason, it catches my attention. It's obviously a diary, pink and fluffy in a few places.

I think about reading her diary, about knowing what she thinks about when she's not saying anything, and the temptation is too much.

So I read it. I start from the last few pages since it probably has something nearer to when she met me. When I do, takes everything in me not to cry

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