Chapter 9

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Tyson POV

"Mom?" I say, unable to comprehend the fact that my mom was here, in the hospital. Right now. In Tiana's room.


"Tyson," she says, adoration, guilt and something akin to sympathy shining in her eyes.

"What... what are you doing here?" I ask, a little unsure of myself for some reason.

"Your friend Xavier told me where you were," she says, looking hesitant.

"That bastard. I told him not to let anyone know," I curse. Tiana won't be very happy about this.

"I told him it was an emergency," she says, looking at me... desperately.

To say I am nervous would be an understatement.

I am terrified.

Mom always left the word 'emergency' for actual emergencies. Like the time Jar feel down two flights of stairs. Or the time I got into a fight and had to be taken to the emergency room due to a head injury. These were emergencies to her. Life or death situations. If mom were to use the word 'emergency' then there is always a cause to be scared.

"Mom," I ask again, this time sounding scared.

She smiles. But it isn't happy. "I never wanted to tell you, because I thought that I could handle this myself. But the situation is such that I have to involve you," she says and with every word my dread grows higher.

She takes a deep breath, then says "Your original parents are trying to claim you back."

I pull in a deep breathe. Whatever I was expecting, it wasn't that. I'm filled with fear, sadness and... happiness. I never expressed it, but I was always hurt that my parents just kicked me out of their lives. Just like that. Without remorse. Like I was just a thorn in their foot. So I can't help but feel happy and a little hopeful about this situation. Not enough to just jump into their arms, but enough to maybe give them a chance.

My mom sees my hopeful expression and grimaces. "There's more."

I sigh deeply and nod, telling her to continue.

"There's a reason they want you back. And it's not sudden love for you and remorse for their actions," she says, then pauses, letting me take it all in and also to stall a little, probably.

My heart hurts a little, but I'm used to it. So I nod for her to continue. And I hold myself, waiting for the blow.

"Let me start from the beginning," she says. "You know your father owns a famous clothing store, right?" she asks. I nod. "Well he wasn't actually the only owner of the business. He had two partners," she says, then pauses.

"Your parents. The two partners are your parents, Tyson," mom says and my eyes widen.

"W-What?" I say, shocked beyond words.

She nods grimly. "Yeah. And they were the ones gaining most of the profits too. Your Father didn't like this. So he stole some designers designs and put the whole blame on your parents. Your parents had to hand over all their money and belongings to your Father as a result. The only reason they weren't in jail was because Teresa was pregnant with you. But Ethan, your biological father, had to spend the first two years in jail. They were already struggling, but with you in the picture, life was horrible for them. So your Father struck a deal with them. They give you to him, and they get a lot of money in return. They readily agreed to it. But they didn't want you to know, so they kicked you out to the streets. Then your Father
conveniently found you in the streets and decided to take you in. With the money your parents got, they decided to build another store. That's how much money they got. So over the years they grew in profits and name. And now they want you back," Mom finishes, and I sit back on my chair. My legs are not steady enough to carry me right now.

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