Chapter 1

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Tiana's POV

Another day is the first thing I think when I wake up that day. Another day of shitty parents being shitty parents and another day where I don't exist when I'm at school.

I slept crying last night after my so-called father hit me. Spitting words at me that made me wonder what to think of myself. But I'm used to it. It's been happening since I was 7 and I'm now 16 so I'm used to it. I have to be.

As I wake up and do the normal morning routine, not for the first time, I wonder why I'm doing it. For who? Why? What's the use? I don't have friends, my father hates me and my mother doesn't care about me. I don't really care about myself either. I don't have anything or anyone.

I'm alone.

Trying to remove these feelings and forget the very familiar blade that's been used several times in my bathroom, I make my way downstairs, but not before I take my hoodie, my protective hoodie that is the only thing in this world that makes me feel safe. It is now a softer shade of green due to overuse but it's still my only form of armour against the world.

As I reach the last step, I look left and right to see if my shit father was anywhere around. Finding no one, I quickly dart out the door and begin to walk the three kilometer walk to school.

Once I reach school, I put my hoodie on and head inside. It feels safe in my hoodie, like I'm protected. It hides my brown hair and my green eyes. It hides the scars and the bruises when my dad hits me. It hides the sadness I feel each time I see my mom with that far away look in her eyes she gets when she's high. It hides all that ashamed of.

As I walk down the hallway with a bunch of my notes, I accidentally bump into someone. Looking up, I see that it's two of the populars, Tyson Bent. Tyson with his Raven black hair and grey eye. And his best friend Xavier, with his pretty brown hair and brown eyes. Great.

I don't really want anything to do with anyone today. I just want one day where I'm by myself. Is that too much to ask?

But the worst part isn't the fact that I just bumped into them, it's the fact that my hoodie has fallen down, revealing my face. My armour has fallen.

I feel so vulnerable. So scared.

Tyson looks at me with surprise and awe, his grey eyes shining, then says "Are you new here? I'm sure I would remember such a pretty face." He then proceeds to wink at me flirtatiously. That bastard.

I don't answer him. Instead I scowl at him, put my hoodie back over my head and walk away. I don't need more shit in my life. And a guy with an ego as big as his could use some healthy rejection.

I'm so scared.

As I walk away and turn around the corner, I check my notes and see that one of them is missing. Thinking they must've fallen when I bumped into Tyson, I walk back to get the notes but stop when I hear them speak.

"Huh. Her name is Tiana Collins," I hear Tyson say. He probably found my notes.

"I've never heard of her," I hear Xavier say.

"I know. She actually scowled at me when we bumped. I didn't think there were any other reactions to girls bumping against me other than batting eyelashes and twirling hair," I hear Tyson say and I can practically see him smirking.

Xavier snorts. "As if. That girl's different. If you can get her to sleep with you, then I'll admit that you're what you say you are."

"It's a done deal then, man," I hear Tyson say. "They all fall for me at some point of time."

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