Chapter 27

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Tiana POV

Shadows. Pain. Darkness. The spit from my father's mouth. Memories from aching days. Who was that girl? Who was that girl with the bleeding thighs and the bleeding smile? She sits there, crying, aching, dying. Drenched in herself and her misery. Why is she so sad? Did she do it to herself?

"Yes," a voice in the darkness says. It was all her. She tied herself down and dreamt of freedom. She made herself sad and dreamt of happiness. She plunged herself into the darkness and dreamt of the light.

But why wouldn't she? She was so good at it. So good at being sad. So good at being all that the people feared. She was so good at being darkness.

Sadness. What a silly little word.

All around the bent up girl there was darkness. Darkness seeping into her skin and darkness pulsing out of it. Where is the darkness coming from? She doesn't know.

She doesn't know.

I watch from the sidelines as she moves, the darkness moving with her. Where are the shadows coming from? Little licks of shadows caress her skin, calling her to them. Why is she listening to them?

"That girl will always be you," the voice says. Whose voice is that? How can a voice bring so much fear? Whose  voice?


I watch as darkness bleeds thought the cuts on the girl's naked skin. So much darkness. I watch as darkness drips from her mouth and pours onto the floor. So much darkness.

Where is the darkness coming from?


"You'll never change. You deserve to stay the same," the voice says. So much fear from one voice. Whose voice is it?

Whose whose whose?

The girl opens her eyes and all that's there is darkness. Black pits of nightmares. The girl is not human. She's an emotionless nothing. She is the darkness itself.




I watch as her black eyes, little pits of darkness, find mine.

How does her eyes find mine in the dark? How how how?

Well, the darkness is her domain after all.

"It is yours as well. Don't pretend. You know it is," the voice says again, emptiness seeping through it.

Whose voice is it?



I watch as the girl's fingers turn black, slowly spreading through her body. Her legs, her stomach. Her whole naked body. Black as her eyes and black as the darkness surrounding her.

"She is the darkness. So are you. The dark is the only place you belong," the voice says.

Whose voice is it?



Please tell me.

Panic freezes me as the blackness reaches  her throat. And yet the girl doesn't say anything, doesn't do anything. Just sits there as the darkness takes over her. Just sits there as the darkness chokes her.

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