Chapter 14

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Tyson POV

I can't believe Tiana's getting out of the hospital today. After about a week of staying in the hospital, I knew she'd be happy to get out of here.

Am I insecure if I want her away from the stench of death? In case she decides to join it?

"Where's the house?" she asks, her voice sounding so so tired.

"Right next to ours," I say, smiling. Trying hard to have enough energy for the both of us.

She sighs. "You don't have to do that, you know?"

"Do what?" I ask, even thought I'm not stupid enough to not know what she's talking about. I do.

"I'm not stupid, you know? I know when someone's pretending," she says, her voice emotionless yet so full of emotion, her eyes piercing yet dull.

"I know, Kitty. I know," I say.

"You don't always have to be strong," she says again and I smile, a tired, honest smile.

"I know," I repeat, letting my shoulders sag. I know what she's saying. I never have to pretend around her.

"Neither do you. Especially not you," I say, giving her a tired smile.

She smiles then, and it's a lot more than I thought I'd get. "I know," she says, looking back up at the ceiling. "I know."

"How are you?" I ask, closing my eyes.

"Tired," she whispers, closing her eyes as well. "So so tired."

I thread my hands through her hair as I sit next to her in a plastic chair. She tenses up for a brief second, then relaxes. "I know Kitty. But you'll get there. I know you will."

"I'm so scared," she whispers, the words coming out as a sigh. The curtains were drawn and there was no one in the room except the two of us. The little sunlight that came through the curtains created beautiful patterns on the white floor. The atmosphere was quiet and melancholic and calm. It was soft. Peaceful.

"Of what?" I whisper, afraid of ruining the atmosphere.

"So many things," she says, chuckling slightly, a dark little thing.

"Isn't everyone?" I whisper and I hear her hum in agreement.

"I don't like being afraid," she whispers, still looking at the ceiling. She scoots a little on the bed and pats the empty space. I chuckle slightly and lay down next to her, looking at the ceiling too.

"You're human though," I say, crossing my arms behind my head, letting the softness of the atmosphere seep into me.

"And, like every human, I am afraid," she says, closing here eyes for a second and opening them again.

"What are you afraid of?" I whisper, looking sideways at her. The soft light from the green curtains looks beautiful on her, giving her a sort of glow that seems to be coming from deep within her. Her emerald green eyes seem to shine in the green light, making her look ethereal.

"You, me, everything," she says, a confession in itself.

"Me?" I ask, expecting it and yet surprised by it.

"Yeah. You're everything I promised myself I'd stay away from," she says, eyes never straying from the ceiling.

"I won't leave, I prom-"

"Don't finish that sentence," she interrupts me, closing her eyes with a pained expression. "Don't promise. Prove it. But please don't promise."

I nod my head and look at the ceiling, letting the monochrome colours comfort me.

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