Chapter 3

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Tiana POV

The next day is the same as yesterday, except when I reach school, Tyson is standing near the entrance. I walk towards the entrance and he stops me.

"So you're name is Tiana," he says, smirking at me. Then gives me notes. I don't react, I just take my notes.

"Why don't you put that hoodie down?" he asks. I don't say anything.

How do you explain to someone that it's the only thing that helps you feel safe and covers bruise marks when your fucking dad hits you?

"You don't talk much do you?" he asks.

"No," I say. His eyebrows shoot up and his eyes go wide.

"So she speaks, wanna say something else to me baby girl?" he asks, smirking.

This isnt worth, I don't need this. Everytime he talks I keep thinking about how worthless I am, how worthless he probably thinks I am. I can't do it, so I walk away.

He holds my arm and pulls me back and I immediately pull my arm away from his. My breathing starts becoming harder.

"Please don't touch me," I say softly. All of a sudden it's too much. The memory of the first time my father hit me comes back to me and I shake my head, trying to shake away the memory.

"Just stay away from please," I say and walk away.

"Tiana wait," Tyson calls and I freeze in my place. Never in all my life has anyone ever said my name without a warning or a threat behind it. I wonder if this is how everyone else feels like when someone says their name.

He reaches me and smiles. "Hey Kitty."

"Hey Piggy," I say, because that's what he is, a pig. I have to keep reminding myself that he doesn't care, that nobody does, that I'm alone and that I'm too worthless for anyone to love. I can't fall for his lies.

He chuckles at the name.

"Piggy it is then. So, I was thinking, I don't really know you and I think you're quite interesting. So... Do you wanna go out for lunch today? We can skip school after lunch," he says.

He's a good actor, I'll give him that. He could convince anyone else that he actually cares. But not me, I know what I'm worth. I know I'm not interesting. I know I'm a waste if space.

"Okay. But I would rather no one know about it," I say, because isn't this why I came here today? To get a date from him?

"Wow, that's the most you've ever said to me, Kitty. And why don't you want anyone to know?" he ask.

I shrug. "Because I would rather no one saw you with me or you're social status might fall," I say.

"Why would my social status drop?," he asks. I actually snort at that.

He raises and eyebrow but smiles like he's proud of something. Of what? Getting me to snort? He's a really good actor I guess. He actually looks like he cares.

"Why do you look so... pained?" he asks.

"Because I've never talked to anyone since I was 7," I say. It's true. All I've ever used my voice for till now is to beg my father to stop and to singing or to cry every time my mom looks at me with those eyes. My father himself buys everything for the household and forces me to eat. Said something about not wanting social workers on his ass.

"Seriously?" Tyson asks, eyebrows raised and grey eyes open wide.

"Yeah," I say.

"What about your parents?" he asks and all the pain I've been trying to forget comes back. I try my best to forget it but one tear slips from my eyes and rests on my cheek. I wipe it away but I don't say anything, just stare at him. There's no need to traumatize him. Even if he is doing all this for a bet.

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