Chapter 29

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Tiana POV

I wake up, turning on the lights, and hear the sound of footsteps at my door. Outside, the wind has settled and the moon has come out. A few stray stars litter the night sky and a bird or two flies past.

On the inside, I don't really know what's happening. Has confusion always felt like a sigh of defeat?

"What if she's asleep?" comes Xavier's voice through the door. I don't know if I have the energy to handle them anymore.

"Then why are her lights on, idiot?" Amanda's voice floats through and, for some reason, I dread the moment they enter my room. I don't want them to.

"Why don't we open the door and check first, alright? She probably would've woken up already with the both of you two idiots arguing, anyway," comes Tyson's voice and I'm scared of the calmness I feel when I hear him. I don't like it. But maybe I do.

The door opens quietly and my eyes meet Tyson's grey eyes. They widen when they meet mine before softening with guilt. The guilt immediately makes my stomach tighten, so I look at the other two, who both seem to be waiting for something.

"Do you need an invitation to get in?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at them. Something seems to soften in Tyson's eyes and something in me twirls when I notice. Maybe it's my voice, which is still croaky from sleep, or maybe it's my messy hair. I don't really know. I ignore it completely in favour of looking at the three of them expectantly.

"The party didn't go as planned," Amanda says, casually taking a seat on my bed and lying down next to me with her arms crossed behind her head.

"Maybe I did plan to punch someone and then have Tyson annihilate them," Xavier says, taking a seat on the bed too.

"Well, congratulations on a successful plan," Amanda replies, snorting.

"You really can't go two second without bringing that up, can you," Tyson sighs and I raise an eyebrow in question.

"One day your eyebrows are going to permanently get stuck to the top of your face and you're going to get punched every single day for making everyone think they're stupid," Amanda retorts and I smirk.

"If they can't handle it, it's probably the truth," I say.

"True," she answers before going back to staring at the roof like it holds all the answers to the questions she may have. I've spent a good amount of time staring at the roof, so I know for a fact that all it holds is more questions. I decide to ask about it later.

"So, is anyone going to fill me in on the details or am I on a need-to-know basis?" I question.

"Okay, I'll start," Xavier says. "So we'll start this scene with Amanda flirting with a guy all seductively and Tyson and a girl being two minutes away from making love on the dance floor-"

"Do you have to phrase it like that?" Tyson interrupts and I stare at him as his grey eyes darken with fear and guilt. He's pointedly not looking at me, eyes looking in any direction that isn't mine. Is this what he's feeling guilty about? Why would he?

He slowly looks at me and his eyes search mine for a long time, eyes begging, pleading,for something. I don't know why it aches me to see him so remorseful for something that isn't his fault. I give him a small smile before looking back at Xavier. Something in my stomach tightens at the information though, and I don't know what to make of it, so I ignore it. Maybe then it'll go away. Maybe it wasn't meant to be anyway.

"Well, some jackass said some shit about my bisexuality that I didn't like, so I punched him. This idiot here came barreling out of nowhere and beat the crap outta him. We three walked out of there after that and decided to come visit our newest member," Xavier finishes, sharing a look with Amanda.

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