Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: True Crime

"Ethan, I told you for the 5th time, I'm not letting you go alone." I say and Ethan's eyes roll to the back of his head.

    "I'm sure as hell not taking you with me, are you out of your freaking mind??" He yells and I flinch.

   "Maybe, but you have to be out of yours if you think I'm letting you go alone!" I yell back.

   "I've gone alone this whole time, I think I can handle it." He says and I roll my eyes.

    "But..." but before I could finish he holds up his hand.

    "They said all I'm doing is following a new kid around, I'm not involving myself at all." He says and I sigh, withholding a lot of anger.

    "Ethan. I am not going to let you leave this bedroom, without me hot on your ass, do you hear me? Can you see me? Because I'm serious! I won't let you go alone! Not again!" I nearly scream. I take a deep breath to calm myself and I see anger in Ethan's eyes.

   He rolls his eyes, grabs his keys, and grabs my hand, leading us out the door.
I sigh now, but I know he'll probably cuss me out later.


"Oh my God!" I almost yell.

   "Would you shush!??" Ethan snaps at me as I sink in my seat, witnessing a drug deal. I wanted to call the cops and bust them all, but then it would involve us.

    I nearly wanted to cry at the thought of Ethan being a part of all of this.

I can't imagine how he feels either. I shouldn't have ever tried to force myself into this, he was just trying to protect the little bit of innocence I had left.

I sigh and look at him, looking at the pain in his eyes as he observed the men dealing and the pain he must feel having to be stuck in this even after his moms gone.

   "Hey, uhm...they're moving. We might have to get out the car." Ethan says and fear palpitates my heart like an aggressive harp player.

     He looks at me and sees my fear written all over my face.

   "Don't worry okay? I won't let anything happen to you." He says and I feel a little bit better, but not the greatest. I mean....I'm about to witness a drug deal without a nice shiny car to shield my freaking life!

    I take a deep breath as we silently exit the car and tiptoe behind a building that the men previously were, they weren't there anymore and Ethan grabbed my hand as we proceeded to go deeper behind the building.

We finally hit a corner to which we pressed our backs against the wall and Ethan carefully peeked around it. He turned back to me and sighed.

    "They're over there. We have to be really quiet okay?" He whispers to me. I nod and before he could peek again, all we heard were sirens.

   Ethan and I both, without hesitation grabbed each other's hands and bolted past the men.

We hit another corner of the alley, this part wasn't very pampered. The grass was taller than me and there were bugs crawling on every wall of the surrounding abandoned buildings.

   We panicked and ran through the massive grass and turned yet again another corner.

This time it was a dead end. Nothing but an old rusted gate.

     We stood there for a second, until we heard the cops.

   "Down there!" We heard and we simultaneously jumped on the fence and climbed to the other side.

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