Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: SECURITY

    We stood at the building staring at a small, cracked open window.

  "Uhm, thats high up." Sarah says. Ethan and the others sigh.

    "We can help you up." He says. I frown and look up at him.

    "Yeah? And who's gonna let us down?" I question. He frowns back.

    "You're a cheerleader, you can jump." He says. I sigh. And look through the window. Its not necessarily a high jump. Plus, I could just climb down. There's some grip on the wall. Sarah might not be able to but if Im able to get down there, I could get a chair or something for her to climb down on. I groan and shake my head yes.

    "Alright, I got this, give me a boost. I say.

Ethan interlocks his fingers with each other and put them at the height of his knees. I step my foot on his hands, jumping a little to test my weight and then I grab his shoulders.

  I unintentionally make eye contact and once I did it was hard to look away. He decided not to look away either which made this awkward and I know everyone was staring at us.

    "You ready?" He asks. I shake my head no and he chuckles.

    "You can do it." He says and I sigh.

   "Fine, lets do it....and this food better be good." I say giving him the most evil eye I could. He just smirks and nods before hoisting me up to the window.

    I climb in, holding on to the window ledge for my life and I look around. I place my foot on the top of a bulletin board and my other on a lump in the painted concrete wall.

Once done with that, I scoot my foot that is placed on the bulletin board farther onto it and place my other foot on it as well. All my weight is still being held up by my hands but I can see that under the board is a counter which means I could easily jump down there.

    "You okay down there?" I hear Ethan call.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm gonna jump down and then get a chair for Sarah to climb on okay?" I say.

   "Okay. Be careful." He says and I blush. Good thing no one can see that.

   After I shake off my blush I take a deep breath and jump.

It freaking hurt. I almost twisted my ankle.

I groan and look around for a chair. As I look around I spot something out the corner of my eye. I flinch in fear and when I finally see what it is I duck down off the counter and hide.

    "Are you ready for Sarah?" I hear someone yell out. I jump in fear.


"Shhh!" I shush.

   "What?" I hear him yell again.

   "Be. Quiet!" I hiss. He peeks in the window at me and I scowl.

He looks at me confused as if he's about to say something again but I put my finger over my mouth warning him to shut his mouth. I then point to a desk with a sleeping man leaning on it. He was dressed in a security suit and I am freaked.

    I couldn't see him before when I looked in the window because I was too short to see at that angle. Ethan eyes grew wide and he mouthed to me, "You've gotta get out of there!" He says I frown at him. Duh dude!

    I sigh and look at the man. Being bold, I stand up and tip toe towards him in stealth mode. He was snoring very  quietly and he smelled like old cheese.

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