Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Knowing Thy Neighbor

Currently I am sitting in my living room with my bestfriend making plans.

"So do you wanna go shopping tomorrow? My mom was supposed to be taking me back to school shopping but she left for work earlier than expected and my dad refuses to take me shopping ever again sense last time I took 2 hours in bath and body works." Gabby rants.
  "Sure. I was supposed to anyway, but the twins are coming too." I say.

"Cool, so is Michelle and Travis." She says with a bright smile.
   Michelle and Travis are her siblings Travis is the younger one and Michelle is her twin. Yeah, I know...a lot of twins going around.
"Cool, so what school do you go to again?" I ask.

  "Imperial Beach High School, Its right down the street." She says pointing to the right.
   "My dad called in and enrolled me there before we moved here. He faxed all our information. The twins will just be starting high school too, so we can all car pool if you want?" I say excitedly. Gabby smiles and nods her head.
    "Whose car?" She asks. I think.
  "What type of car do you have?" I ask.
   "Well I dont have a car, I couldnt get my liscense. Im a terrible driver, but Michelle has a Honda Civic." Gabby says.
   "We'll take my car, I have a BMW, its an SUV, a lot more space." I say.
  Gabby nods in agreement.

  Even though Id be Gabbies friend no matter what, I couldn't help but wonder her social status at school. Would being friends with her bring me automatic popularity or automatic misery?

   "So how's that school? Give me all the details I need to know." I say.

  "Well, you definitely have to stay away from the nerds, they're beyond ignorant to anything digital or fashionable, they make my head hurt, but also stay away from the computer geeks, they know too much and If you say one sentence to them they'll know all your background history, dont give them eye contact, matter of fact dont even move when you're around them, they smell like cheese." Gabby starts off. This is interesting. I guess she isn't one of the schools weirdos.

   "Everybody else is cool, theres the goth/emos, they're really good at advice and they're pretty creative. Theres the jocks and cheerleaders, Im a jock, Im in the swim team. We aren't those cliché types though, we dont really click like that we have different social groups than just our sport. The cheerleaders are actually smart, the schools really strict on making sure our grades are up and dont just focus on the athletes. There are also people who dont really fall under any radar they're just friends with everyone. I think that you'd fall in that line, unless you're into a sport." She says. Gosh that girl can talk.

   "I was a cheerleader at my old school but we sucked." I say with a pout.
   "If you can keep your grades up and you got skill, you can be a cheerleader. They have try-outs the first week and all they do is ask you if you can do the splits, high kick, flip and other stuff. Michelle is the captain she can help you practice. School starts in 2 days you have to prepare. Seniors cant get on JV, either you ace it or flop it." She informs me. I nod in understanding and stand.
   "Well maybe I should meet Michelle." I say. I have talked to Michelle on different occasions. We'd become friends ourselves, but not as close as Gabby and I. She would always crash our facetime sessions or steal Gabby's phone and say Hi until we exchanged numbers. We'd usually only talk about our love for Shawn Mendes or Teen Wolf because Gabby hated both. I never knew about her being a cheerleader or anything like that.

Im lucky to have gained two friends instantly. Plus, they're popular. I get an exclusive highschool experience. Its like everyone at my old school were only friends with me because I was rich. I was the head cheerleader and everyone seemed to fall at my feet, but I didnt want it. I hate being in the spotlight but I give 100 percent at everything I do so its hard not to be. When she said the nerds and geeks were a no in the social status it made me think back to my old school. My old friends. My real friends. They weren't cheerleaders like me. They were nerdy and outgoing, but they weren't dorky and awkward like people stereotype. They're like Gabby. Goofy, smart, and fun. No one seemed to think that but me though. So when I get to that school I wont go by what someone else says. Ill judge on my own. If I were to have listened to what someone else said at my old school Id be missing out.

"Lets go get her then." Gabby says and I follow her out the door and down the street to her house.
  She slowly opens the door and looks around.
   "She must be in her room, I want her to be surprised." She says and we tip toe up the stairs.

   Gabby knocks on the door and to no dismay Michelle yells for her to come in.
   "I have a surprise for you." Gabby says. I could hear Michelle sit up from her bed.
   "What is it?" She asks confused.

   Gabby nudges me to come in and I hop in with jazz hands. Michelle jumps from her bed with a grand smile.
   "No way! Samantha is that you in the flesh?" She asks and gives me a hug.
   "It is!" I say and hug her back.
  We pull away and Michelle looks at me.
    "This is awesome! Are you here to stay?" She asks.
   "Yep!" I say happily.
   "Great! What school are you attending?" She asks.
"The same as you guys, I was hoping you would help me get in the cheer squad. Im experienced." I say.

"Of course! We need more girls anyway! This will be perfect!" She says with excitement.

"Awesome." I say.
We sat and talked for a while. Michelle and Gabby were giving me basic tips to the does and donts of the school when they stumbled across an interesting topic.

   "Ethan James, stay away from him. Of all people, you must." Michelle says. I lift in my seat intriged with what she had said.
   "Why? Whats so wrong with Ethan?" I ask.
   "Hes bad news, hes dangerous,hot, but really, really dangerous. He has serious anger problems and the company he keeps is down right scary." Gabby says. I think about it. So this is the cliché? The bad boy? We had one at my old school but all he did was pull pranks on teachers and skip classes. He wasnt anything but an attention seeker. But this Ethan guy sounds like pranking teachers and what not isnt his style. Hes dangerous by what Gabby and Michelle say and Id rather take there word on this one than to find out on my own.

   "Okay." I say to them and as soon as the words leave my lips my Iphone rings.

   "Excuse me." I say to them standing up and stepping out of the room. I look at the caller I.D. to see that it was my mom.

   "Where are you? We ordered pizza." Mom so politely greets.

    "Sorry, Im down the street, you'll never guess what happened mom!" I say excited to tell her about Gabby, whom she knows about, my whole family does. One day Gabby forced me to introduce her.

   "Tell me when you get here, its getting late and I dont know this place like that." Mom says. Late? I look at the clock on my phone to see that it was 7:30 p.m.
   "Yikes, Ma' I didnt know Id be out that long. Im on my way home now." I say. It wasnt very late, but in a knew place it can be for any mom. I hang up the phone and walk back in Michelle's room.
   "I have to head back home." I say. Gabby and Michelle pout at the same time and I giggle wow,they arent identical but when they do that its hard to tell.

   "Damn, okay well I guess we'll walk you out." Gabby says. They both stand up and lead the way out.
   We finally make it to the front door and I stand on the porch as they lean against the open door frame.

     "So I guess Ill call you tomorrow so we can shop?" I ask. They nod simultaneously.
   "Yeah, what time should we be getting ready?" She asks.

"Lets be at the mall by noon, so I guess be ready by 11, at my house at like 11:30 or so?" I ask.

"Sounds good to me." She says. Michelle nods in agreement.

  "Kay, Ill call you tomorrow." I say waving bye and they do the same. I walk back home with a little pep in my step because I already know Steven will devour my food.

And that is all my friends! Until next time.

~Make It Spicyyy

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