Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: When You Put It That Way....

"YOU DID WHAT?!" Gabbie exclaims.

   "I know, I know! And I'm completely freaking out about it, but they didn't react badly." I say and Gabbie shakes her head.

   "Sam, you better be sure that you really trust these guys, I mean, you just meet them!" Gabbie says and I sigh.

   "I know and I do." I say to calm her down, and she does. Right as I was about to continue, Michelle walked in.

   "Hey Cuties, having girl talk without me?" She says with a smile and we just look at her.

   I never told Michelle what happened to me, mostly because she's over dramatic and because I didn't know her like I knew Gabbie.

But there is one thing I can talk to her about that Gabbie can't really help me with.

    "Michelle, I need boy advice." I say and she sits down in front of me.

   "I'm listening." She says, motioning for me to continue.

   "So, I like Alex and Ethan, and I can't choose which boy I really want and I care about both of them so I don't want to hurt them and I want them both in my life." I say and Michelle puffs her cheeks up and looks at me.

   "Which ones better in bed?" She asks and my eyes go wide.

    "What? No! I haven't done IT with them." I say exasperated.

   She cups her chin.

  "Okay, well which is the better kisser?" She says and my eyes widen.

   "Woah." I say and she looks at me curiously.

   "Michelle.... I've never even kissed one of them, not even on the cheek." I say and Michelle and Gabbie look at me like I slapped their mom.

   "Then how do you even know if you like them?! You probably just REALLY care about them. You haven't even explored the romantic side of your completely platonic friendships." Gabbie says and I sigh.

   "I meannnn, when you put it that way...... it all makes sense. I have to kiss them." I say and Gabbie smiles.

   "And that's how you'll figure out whose the brother." She says with a giggle and I roll my eyes.

   "Thanks so much girls, I gotta go and kiss some dudes!" I say and run out their room on a mission.

   I go back home and sit on my bed and think.

    How do I do this?
I look around my room and sigh. This is it. This is definitely how I make my decision.

    After hours of thinking I came up with a plan. I went to freshen up because I just ran through 86 degree weather in December and I'm definitely not used to the warmth yet.

    After I freshen up, I dial Alex's number and take a deep breath before calling.

    "Hey, you wanna go hangout? Cool, I'll see you there." I say, hanging up the phone and grabbing my keys.


I wait on a deserted, yet beautiful park bench and soon see a males figure make its way to me.

Soon Alex's face is visible and I give a nervous smile. He smiles back, but a lot more confident and I sigh.



  After a few awkward seconds of silence Alex clears his throat.

"So what's up? How are you feeling?" He asks and I crack a smile.

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