Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Homecoming Nightmare pt. 2

     Music vibrating through the air, hearts pulpitating, fist pumping, feet stomping, and complete adrenaline rushing through everyone's veins....except me.

   I was in a corner mentally,physically, and financially drained. My dress costed $436, my shoes were $120, and my jewelry was $340 all together. All this, and I wasn't even enjoying myself. My body was soar, and so was my heart.

  I look into the crowd as I see Michelle slow dancing with some guy with a massive quiff on the top of his head, I was not a fan of his all.

  Gabbie was dancing with George...yeah, I saw that coming.

     Sarah stood by the punch bowl, chatting with Travis, who you could physically see was about to explode of nervousness because he obviously wanted to ask her to dance, and Seth eating a mini sandwich and on his phone probably venting on Snapchat about how much he doesn't want to be here.

    I was patiently waiting for the homecoming court to be announced and the final songs to be played so I can drive home and crawl up in a ball under my fluffy blanket.

   At our school, homecoming was super different.

We don't know our nomanies until the day of, its plastered on the bulletin board when you first enter the hall, they started doing this 4 years ago when there was a huge scandal, somewhat like the movie Carrie with one of the nomanies for Homecoming Queen and everyone got disqualified even the poor girl who got a strawberry smoothie poured all over her. This way, it keeps everyone on there best behavior and everyone gets to campaign with kindness.

...a load of crap if you ask me. The social outcast will still never feel comfortable enough to run for anything and the popular kids will still do anthing to win.

  Honestly, I didnt even look at the bulletin, I knew that Michelle was probably going to win and George would probably be King. Thats how every school works.

   I hold my breathe as the host which is Sapphire, comes to the mic and taps it. The music dies down and she looks around.

She clears her throat obnoxiously and everyone eventually gives them their somewhat undivided attention.

    "As you all know, when the music stops at a party it can only mean two things; You've gotten busted, or......WE HAVE RESULTSSS!" She chirps and everyone screams!

   Everyone voted like an hour ago...I didn't. Im not feeling the teen spirit at the moment and I just want to go home!

The hall gets silent as she opens the card.

   "The King of Imperial High's Homecoming ball is......." She starts and then a guy, whom Im guessing is the former Homecoming King, passing down his title grabs the mic.

  "Alex Hernandez!" The guy yells. Everyone cheers and I get a sense of recognition. Alex! Thats the HOT guy who introduced himself to me and witnessed Seth have a meltdown because his stalker wouldnt leave him alone.

    It didnt occur to me that Alex was even real. We're assigned partners in Environmental science so I never get to talk to him in there. I thought I just made him up in my head because he was so Hot and sesame chicken!

....I have no idea why I just compared this boy to sesame chicken but now I really want some....chicken, not the boy.

   ANYWAY.....As the crowd cheers, Alex walks up looking extremely surprised, but honored. He smiles as he stands in front of the guy who called his name....Im just going to call him The Giver and shakes his hand. He then turns and faces the crowd waving, bowing, and grinning.

   The Giver then took a crown off of a fancy looking pillow and held it above his head.

   "With this crown comes responsibility, are you ready to adhere to them?" The Giver says, Alex nods.

   "With this crown comes opportunity, are you ready to accept them?" He asks, Alex again nods.

   "So, then, it is official! Everyone greet King Alex Hernandez as I pass on the crown to him, may he find comfort and gratitude under it." The giver says as he places the crown on Alex's head. I sit with my mouth hanging open as the crowd cheers.

   Is this dude serious? This is not the royal freaking wedding! It's a highschool homecoming! Come on!

   "Now what you all have been waiting for....Imperial High's new very own homecoming queen is.......MY GIRL..." Sapphire starts off when she says my girl I know she was going to call Michelle, they're like BFFLs.

   "SAMANTHA TAYLOR!!!" She cheers and I freeze as the spotlight shines on me in the corner with my cheeto stained finger tips and bare feet. I look around in panic as my siblings and friends wildly cheer for me and the rest of the crowd look super stoked.

   I swear Ive only talking to like 8 people in this school. The majority of these happy faces look forgein to me.

  Oh god... am I going to get Carried? Wheres the pigs blood? Or worse! The Strawberry smoothie! That consistancy in my hair would be the worst feeling in the world.
  I frantically look at the ceiling above the stage and sigh in relief. No bucket. We're good here.

   I slowly stand up and walk towards the stage. Getting multiple Hi-fives and pats on the back.

  I make it to the stage and half smile, not really knowing if I was happy or completely and utterly mortified. I stand, looking at Sapphire, who is going to crown me sense last years homecoming queen is knocked up and in bed rest, nice to know the statistic shes leaving behind for me.

   I ignore the super serious nonsense she yaps to me about responsibility and opportunities and just nod. When Im crowned it gets loud with applause.

  And suddenly its quiet again, with slow music. Everyone steps away and forms a huge circle in front of the stage and I inwardly groan.

  The slow dance. King and Queen have to do a slow dance. I remember because at my old school I won princess and lady and each time I had to dance with some stupid jock with terrible dancing skills.

  This year Im dancing with sesame chicken.

  I stiffle a chuckle as I look at Alex who is grinning from ear to ear. The guy is ADORABLE. He has like a baby face in a way. It just looks so pinchable.

   I place my hands on his shoulders and he places his hands on my waist. I kind of stiffen up at the contact.

   "Congrats." He says quietly with a small smile.

   "Dito." I say with a smirk.

"You takes a lot for the new girl to win homecoming queen, how'd ya do it? You stuff the boxes?" He asks jokingly. I chuckle.

  "Definitely, it wasn't hard, they didnt even notice that all of them had the same hand writing." I say and Alex laughs.

  And for the first time all night, I wasnt thinking about Ethan or going to bed. I was just laughing with Alex and it felt good.

All up until a group of assholes came in with T-shirts and jeans. A group of sad, drug dealing,ditchers!



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