Chapter 11

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Chapter 11- Ow!

      "Hey." I hear someone say as I walk down the hall. I nervously look up because, I don't recognize the voice.

    "Oh...hey." I say nicely, but confused. I don't know the voice because I don't know the person.

     "I'm Alex, a friend of Gabby, she told me you were a good friend of hers as well and I remember you introducing yourself in Environmental Science yesterday, I wanted to welcome you." Alex says. Alex was.....need I say....HOT and very very nice so far.

    "Well, thanks. That's so kind of you, I'm Samantha." I say sticking my hand out for him to shake. Before our hands were able to shake I heard someone clearing their throat.

    I look to see Seth and I sigh, way to ruin an introduction, kid.

    "Need something?" I ask. Seth nods. I wait for him to speak but he just stands there.

    "Hellooo?" I ask. He jumps a little and sighs.

    "How do I go to change my schedule? I can't take it anymore! That girl is a freaking creep! She sniffs my hair!" Seth says, and I just blink at him.

    I burst into laughter and I hear Alex trying to hold back his. Seth stands with his arms crossed and very stern stare.

    "I'm...I'm sorry Seth! I'm so.....sorry! Y-y-y-you have to go to the o-o-office!" I struggle to say through my laughter. He just walks away, I'm assuming to the office.

    I finally clear my laughter and breathe!

    "Sorry, Alex." I say. He smiles and nods.
    "Its fine, that was funny, what girl is harassing the poor guy, who is that guy anyway?"

   "That's Seth, he's my brother and I don't know who the girl is. He has been complaining about her since we got here." I say. Alex nods.

    "Well, I wish him the best of luck, see you in class." He says. I nod, and we head our separate ways.
    I had just gotten out of Drama and it was hell.

       I was on my way to Pre-Cal when something tugged at my shoe lace and I went flying!

   All I know next is I see black.

I open my eyes and the first thing I see is a bright light in my eyes, causing extreme pain to shoot through my head.

  It was so blinding I couldn't look around. All I knew is that I was lying on something hard and cold and I heard worried chatters.

    "She opened her eyes!" I hear someone say. The chattering got louder.

    "Sammy? Come on Sammy, wake up." I hear a gentle voice say, which I make out to be my moms'. What is my mom doing here?

     My eyes finally adjust to the lights and I'm able to look around. I see most of the student body staring at me with either concerned or confused eyes.

   My eyes finally catch on to my mother's and she looks worried as hell. I squint at her and she forces a smile, stroking my hair.

   "You okay sweetie?" She asks.

    "Yeah, I'm fi..." I'm cut off by excruciating pain from trying to sit up. My mom calmly lays me down and strokes my hair again.

    "Am I in the hallway?" I ask confused. She nods and I sigh. This is extremely embarrassing.

   "Oh, God!" I whine and lay my arm over my eyes. Then I REALLY get worried. Oh my God! I was laying unconscious in the middle of the hallway and my mother was probably visually and verbally freaking the freak out!

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