Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Fantastic.

I had been wondering for at least 20 minutes trying to find my class.?

   By the time I find it It'll be time for the next. I sigh and accept the fact that my pride would have to sit this one out and that I had to ask for help.

   Sensing another presence in front of me, I stop and while still looking at my schedule I ask, " Would you happen to know where Mr. Hanson's English class is?".

      "You just can't get enough of me, huh?" A familiar voice says. My head shoots up to see Ethan.

I immediately walk away only to be pulled back.

     "Hey, hey, hey! What's the hurry I didn't even get to tell you where Hanson was ." Ethan says with a mocking smile.

My eyes dart around for other people but no one is in sight.

   I sigh shakely and defeated.

      "I'll find my way." I say.
He chuckles and shrugs.

    "Good luck, you won't even have time to introduce yourself by then." He says. I roll my eyes, getting tired of his patronising tone.

   "What makes you think I want to be introduced?" I say in a challenging tone.

    "Come on, you walk in with the most popular people in the school and don't expect people to want to know who you are?"
He asks. I roll my eyes once more.

     "From what I've heard you're  the most popular person in the school." I say.

He scoffs and crosses his arms over his chest.

     "Popular? No. Feared? Yeah. Why? Have no clue. So do you want help or not?" He responds. I sigh one last time and look at the clock.

       I shake my leg anxiously and look back and forth from my schedule, to the clock, to Ethan.

"Tick...tock...tick....tock.." He teases. I groan and look one last time.

    "Fine!" I shout stubbornly.

"Fine? Fine what?" He asks with a smirk.

    "I need your help." I say rushed. Before I could roll my eyes again he grabbed my schedule and a second later he was dragging me by my hand up the stairs. There on the stairs is where we saw students. Some smoking, some sitting and some just talking.

They all look at Ethan and I' s intertwined hands. Probably all thinking "who is that girl?".

I roll my eyes at our hands, wanting to yank them apart, but knowing he will probably just pull it back.

"Here we are." He says. I look in the classroom that we are standing in front of and see the class walking around conversing. I sigh.

   "Thanks." I say and reach for the knob.

      "Wait! Woah woah! I didn't even get your name." He says holding my hand away from the knob.

     "Thats because I didn't give it to you."
I say and walk away. I lied when I said he was "plain" he was....he was, gorgeous, but he DID NOT look like a bad boy. He looked like corny as it sounds...a lost boy.

  I am now currently waiting on Gabby and Michelle at my locker so they can show me to the lunch room. This was the moment I'd been waiting for. To meet their friends and have a great first impression.

     All my other classes started off as me introducing myself and sitting down. I realized I have 3 classes with Ethan and even a class with Sarah, Drama...haha of course.

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