Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Trippin'

It has been a couple of days sense Ethan and I "hung out".

He says it wasnt a date but, it felt like a date.

I mean, does he like me or what? Do I like him or what?

I haven't seen him at school, he hasn't called or texted, I don't know what to think!

I'm just going to play it cool and not text him at all. I'll just wait until he comes to me.

It's now Wednesday. Yes, FREAKING WEDNESDAY!

And the last time we spoke was on Saturday. I'm convinced he hates me.

I was going to get up early to make an extra effort with my appearance, but I realized that he probably won't even be at school and if he can't even bother to text me, then why should I comb my hair for him?

I throw my hair in a messy bun and wear a black cropped top and burnt orange high waisted distressed jeans.

I throw on some black high topped air forced ones with it and rub on chapstick before going downstairs.

"Hey." I say to my family as I enter the kitchen. They all respond with grunts. I guess they aren't having a good morning. I shrug and grab a grapefruit.

"So, how was your date?" Seth asks and I drop my knife.

"DATE!?" Aunt Rosa exclaims. My mom pops her eyes out and Sarah looks betrayed.

"What? I never went on a date." I say calmly, because technically I'm not lying.

"Oh? What do you call a guy and a girl going out to eat?" He asks.

"I know this is hard for you to understand, considering you have no female friends other than the girl who loves your hair and wants your children, but boys and girls can simply be friends dude." I say in a "duh" tone.

"Wait, who did you go on a date with?" My mom asks.

"No one! I hung out with a friend who happens to be a boy." I say. Aunt Rosa rolls her eyes and mom just folds her arms.

"It better not be Ethan, because I would feel extremely betrayed." Sarah says.

I sigh.

"It was, but you don't like pasta anyway so you wouldn't have wanted to come." I say. She squinted her eyes at me.

"Where did you get the pasta?" She asks.

"Olive Garden."

"Dude! That was so a date! Oh my God! I can't believe you went on a date with Ethan!" She squeals. I groan and lean back in my seat. Seth gives me a smug look while mom and and Aunt Rosa pester me with their eyes.

I get up and roll my eyes at my family. They can walk to school for all I care.

...oh damn! I have to walk to school.

"I'm leaving." I state and walk off. None of them seemed to care as they continued to chatter about my "date".

I walk down the street in silence.

I look at my phone and sigh. I'm extra early. So, I slow my pace. Gabby is going to be mad that I ditched her, but I had to get away from my family.

As I walked, a car full of boys from my school, I could tell by the jock jackets, slowed down. I rolled my eyes. One rolled down his window which was useless because it's a convertible, I can hear them just fine.

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