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   "What now?" Sapphire asks all my siblings and friends pile into the living room after stuffing ourselves with ginger bread and milk.

   "Stories!?" Steven suggests and all of us look at each other.

   "I love this little guy!" Faith says and I smile.

   "Yeah me too." I say and ruffle his hair.

He shoves my hand off and looks at Ethan.

   "You start." He says and Ethan's eyes dart to me.

"What type of story?" He asks.

"A Christmas one!" Steven says and Ethan blinks as if he's trying to think.

    "Okay, I have one. When I was 12, my mom ordered me a laptop for Christmas, but she literally ordered it on Christmas, thinking it was going to be delivered like pizza. She also ordered it from eBay. Long story short, I got my laptop a month and a half later and it was actually just a box." Ethan says and all of us were quiet for a minute until George broke the silence and all of us started to laugh.

   " How much did she spend on that thing?" Gabbie asks and Ethan shakes his head.

    "480 bucks." He says and we gasp.

   "That have better been one hell of a box." Cameron says and we all laugh again.

    "Okay, enough of laughing at my pain, whose next?" Ethan asks and looks around.

   "Alex?" He suggests and Alex shrugs.

   "Sure." He says and clears his throat.

   "So when I was a kid my mom found a Santa Maria statue at a garage sell and ever sense we have had it as Christmas decor and for a while the statue was bigger than me, until one year I was actually taller and bigger than it and really didn't notice how fragile it was. My brothers and I were goofing off in the living room and my mom was yelling from the kitchen to stop before we broke her, well when we didn't stop she threw a sandal at me and I ducked and it hit Santa Maria! So as it was toppling over I dove under it, like in the movies, but it just ended up shattering over my entire body and I literally have a scar of a cross on my stomach. Weird." He says lifting up his shirt just enough to show us the scar.

    "Everyone calls me El elegido now." He says and we all stare at him.

  "What does that mean?" I ask.

   "The chosen one." He says and Ethan scoffs.

   "Show off." He mumbles and I roll my eyes.

   "Ethan." I say giving a warning look as he sighs.

    "All because of a sandal?" Gabbie asks and Alex nods.

    We all chuckle and shake our heads.

    "Whose next? Gabbie? Michelle? Travis?" I suggest.

   "Our Christmas is always eventful. One time Gabbie stabbed our cousin in the hand with a fork." Michelle says and I gasp and look at Gabbie wide eyed who for some odd reason looked proud.

   "And I'd do it all over again!" Gabbie says and we all gasp at her.

The chick is psycho. Love her though.

   "Okay, well now you HAVE to elaborate." One of the sad boys say. I think his name is Justin.

   "Well, we were sitting at the dinner table and my grandma asked if I had a boyfriend like every grandma asks every holiday for some reason and my cousin cut me off before I could speak and started talking about her boyfriend and despite my grandma's many attempts to shut her up so I could speak, every time I got a syllable out, she would cut me off and everyone in my family could see my skin boiling and everyone in my family tried to shut her up and she does this EVERY YEAR! She tries to outshine Michelle and I all the time and after I had enough of being cut off, I stabbed the bitch and I'd do it again!" She exclaims. I couldn't control my laughter.

Everyone else laughed, but I was dying. Gabbie is so crazy! She's literally the same size as me and we're tiny! But the girl acts as though she's the biggest in the room.

  All the time! She could be in a room filled with NBA players and she'd probably challenge them to one on one and win!

We went through about everyone and it was almost about time to do something else but I couldn't think of anything thing.

    "You have any Uno cards?" Fred asks and I smile.

   "Do we? We have like 8 packs!" I exclaim.

   "Great, because we need about 3 of them." He says and I hop up to get them.

This is turning out to be one of the best Christmas eves of my life. I'm getting to really know my friends and they're getting to know me.


Bookmas week 2

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