Chapter 39

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Chapter 39- The Glue

"Well sweetie, as you know... we aren't the richest people in the world. This move took a toll on us and this accident, well the medical bills are piling up and we have to find you a good lawyer and we just, we need you to help out. Rosa out of the goodness in her heart decided to work at half price and try to find another job, if you could find one and Ethan find one that would be great. We just can't afford the extra things anymore. No more shopping just for fun, and no more premium subscriptions. You have to get all that on your own. Now, don't get worried! This is just a small financial setback, we are still very well off we just need to prioritize is what the accountants said, and then we will have no worries in the future." My mother said. I nod. I hadn't thought of that. I need a lawyer.

The stupid bitch pressed charges! I mean, she's awake with a couple scratches and my sister is in a coma and she presses charges?

My mom gives me a reassuring smile and rubs my shoulder soothingly. I sigh. Things have just been all over the place.

Seth has an overwhelming sense of guilt. He doesn't know what happened but he's almost sure that Sarah was trying to defend him against his crazy stalker.

I know I feel guilty. I was in a rush to leave the lunch room that day, I could've caught the fight and stopped it before it got too serious.

Now, my little sister is in a Coma and I have an active criminal record! I could literally go to prison. My parents could literally go broke, if I don't go to prison everyone at my school will think I'm a psychopath!

I'm just so overwhelmed. I walk to my room with everything on my mind at once, feeling the strongest urge of my life, to cry, but for some reason I don't. I thought I was headed to my room, but instead I went to Seth's.

In Seth's room was him and Steven hugging each other and crying and my heart shatters.

My poor baby brothers. They must be devastated.

I hug them both and let them cry on my chest. It felt like the world was caving in. I really didn't know what to do.

Ethan walks by and sees the scene, for a second he didn't know if he should come in, or let us have our moment but then he looked deeper and saw the trembling of Seth's cry and he came in.

He wrapped his arms around all of us and started to speak.

"I'm not the most religious guy in the world, but ever sense my mom died I've felt like there has been this angel attached to me. Someone or something that soothes my heart and something told me that everything is going to be alright, and I plan on believing that." He says and I kiss his cheek.

I nod my head.
"I choose to believe it too." I say
"Me too." Shakily say Steven.
"Okay, I'll believe it." Said Seth. I look down at my brothers who were now wiping their tears away.

As Ethan and I were about to walk away Seth stops us.

"I just want to let you guys know, that I'm done being the bad guy, the one that everyone has to worry about. I'm done putting all of you through that. I'm sorry. Ethan, you're a really good guy man, I'm sorry for giving you hell and Samantha..." Seth says, but starts to cry.

"I'm... beyond sorry for all the bullshit I've been putting you through for years! I saw you yesterday in handcuffs, just to protect our sister and it made me realize how lucky I am that some God up there, gave me sisters like you. You have been through too much and I haven't made life any easier for you. Just know, that I love you and I'm gonna be the one protecting you from now on." He says and that finally lets the constipated cry come out.

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