Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Date?

     Saturday. September 18, 2017.


    Why did I do this? Why did I ask him to get me food? I basically asked him on a date.

   What. The. Flap. Jacks.
Okay, calm down Samantha, he said yes, that's a good thing, although he owed me food anyway.

  "What are you going to wear??" Gabbie asks, snapping me back to the real world. Gabbie and I were in my room. I told her and the rest of the table that I was hanging out with Ethan today, yesterday at lunch.

  "I dont know, I dont even know where he's taking me." I say in a panicked tone. Gabbie sighs and rummaged through my clothes.

   "We need something you could wear that won't be too fancy if you're going somewhere  mediocre, but won't be too mediocre if you're going somewhere fancy." She says with her chin resting in her hand.

   "I wish I could ask Sarah, but she's gone." I pout.

  "Michelle is too, they leave the two least fashionable girls in America to pick out an outfit." Gabbie exaggerates.

   "How about, we just try. I'm fashionable on certain days." I say. Gabbie nods and we both step in the closet.

   " What if you wear colored jeans? Not too comfy, not too fancy." She suggests.

  "Lets see." I say. She pulls out a pair of red jeans. I look for a shirt to match, and I just end up picking a black and white stripped shirt and white Toms. I sigh in relief.

   "It's perfect." Gabbie squeals.

  I smile and bat my eyelashes at her. She just rolls her eyes and drags me out my room.

   "When will he be here?" She asks. I sigh and look at my phones clock.

   "In like 5 minutes! Oh my god!" I say panicking and fixing my hair a little. I try to take a breathe but it kind of sounds like I was dying.

   "Where are you going?" Seth asks me and I freeze. He can't know about this. This whole time I've been asking him to stay away and Im going out to lunch with him.

   "Oh, nothing, just a stroll with...Gabbie." I say and as soon as Gabbie was about to play along the bell rang. Well crap, that lie got killed quick. When I open the door he'll see. I just flash Seth a quick smile and spin around to open the door.

   But as I was about to I just froze....Im nervous. He's actually here. Oh man.

  The door bell rings again and Gabbie clears her throat, making me look at her. She mouths, "open the door you maniac."

   And so, I take a deep breathe and do it. What's on the other side of the door is Ethan. Tall, handsome, and mysterious.

   I smile and so does he.

"Hey." He says. I just awkwardly wave and look to my feet.

  "You ready?" He asks. Before I could answer, Seth speaks.

   "Ready for what?" Seth asks. Looking a little pissed. I dont know why. Its not like he ever cared about anything involving me before.

  "We're just hanging out." He says looking back at Seth. Seth's jaw clenched.

  "Yeah? I dont think so. She's not going anywhere alone with you." He says and I frown.
   "Okay, Seth when did you become my father?" I ask. Gabbie just sits there uncomfortable and entertained at the same time.

   "Look, I don't want any drama, we're just hanging out. No fishy business. Its not even a date." He says and my heart drops. I mean, I didn't think he'd thought of it as a date, but him saying it out loud messed me up.

   "Yeah, we're just going to grab a bite to eat." I say, pushing through my meaningless sadness.

   "Fine, but If you do anything to hurt my sister I will personally rip you to pieces." Seth says and my eyes go wide.

   "No problem dude." Ethan says and ruffles my hair. Which pissed me off considering I spent 20 minutes curling it.

   I swat his hand away and walk out the door. He follows and so does Gabbie and Seth.

   Before I could, Ethan opens my door and it caught me by surprise. I mutter a thank you and click on my seatbelt.

   As we drive off, Ethan breaks the silence.

   "This is totally a date. I just said it wasn't so Seth could fuck off." He says and my face melts. I swear, I was over heating.

   "W..wait, a date?" I ask, for confirmation.

  "Ah, duhhh. I just said that." He says and I would roll my eyes if they weren't open as wide as the damn sky.

   "Okayyy." I say with a huge blush. Sinking in my seat.

   We pull up to an Olive Garden and my blush deepens. Ahhh what? I love pasta.

    "Stay here." He says and it confuses me. He suddenly disappears behind the car and pops up by me, opening my door. It nearly scared the crap out of me.

   "Oh." Is all I can say. He chuckles and then stands there for a second. When I still don't move, he sighs and  unbuckles my seat belt. Then it finally clicks in my head.

   He's opening the door for you idiot!

    "Thanks." I say and stand up. As we walk to the doors of Olive Garden, he holds my hand.

  I snatch it away out of impulse and then mentally face palm.

   "Oh, sorry." He says.

Noooo! Don't be sorry! what I want to say, but what I say....



"Uhm, is this awkward for you?  Do you not want this to be a date? Because I thought you asked me." He says and honestly, I just want to run.

  I have no idea what I want to say, let alone what my mouth is just going to randomly say.

So I just close my eyes as we stand about 4 feet away from the entrance door. I can hear him sigh.

   "Ethan...." I start. Okay, this is going well.

"I don't want this to be a date...." I continue. Okay, ABORT MISSION! THATS NOT ACCURATE! Why would mouth say....THAT?!?!

"It's just too awkward and uhm....yeah." I finish.

  .......Kill me.

"O.....okay?" He says and walks in the direction of the restaurant. I sigh.

   "Wait!" I yell. He stops and turns.

  "I didn't mean it as in a, I'm not interested type of way, just a, I'm a mess, and I think you deserve a better first date kind of way." I say. He chuckles and shakes his head.

   "I think, we should just eat a lot of pasta, and forget this conversation even happened, date or not we're hanging out. Lets not put a label on things. It makes things complicated." He says.

   I nod and he grabs my hand again. This time I don't snatch it, or say something stupid. I just hold his hand as he practically drags me to the door.

   "Table for two please."

Okay so, yeah they are going out to eat, but they aren't dating.

To sum things up. Ethan likes her, but Samantha doesnt know what she wants, once that was observed by Ethan, he decided lets hang out, but not put a label on things.

Samantha agrees.

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