Chapter 32

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This chapter is dedicated to ohdanieboi thanks for the motivation ❤️❤️

Chapter 32- Pocket Full Of Sunshine

      It's been a month sense the funeral and a month sense we said I love you.

   Technically we've only been dating a month and 2 weeks, but we've been in each other's lives sense August. It's now almost March.

I was so worried that we'd said it too soon, but it's never too soon if you both feel it.

I rub my fingers through Ethan's hair with one hand and scroll through Instagram on the other.

We were sitting in the living room and not even talking. Just on our phones. A task that usually would bore me so much that I'd go out and socialize, but different now that I have the presence on Ethan.

I sigh and put my phone down.

Still massaging his scalp, I look at his face, his expression was adorable. He looked like a puppy getting their belly rubbed.

I stop, just to see what he would do and he frowned so deep I immediately started again.

"You want to go and mess with Gabbie and Michelle?" I ask after I received a late reply from Gabbie.

I had asked her what she was doing 30 minutes ago and she just now replied saying "nothing".

"Does Michelle even like me?" Ethan asks with and eyebrow raised and I shrug.

"Let's find out." I say standing up and pulling his arm to stand as well.

He stands reluctantly and I slide on my black and white PINK flip flops.

They say black and white matches with everything, but I'll have to beg to differ because it doesn't seem to match with my pastel yellow cropped top,brown baggy sweat pants, and lime green socks with yellow polka dots.

Ethan looks at my outfit and shakes his head with a giggle.

"You're lucky you're cute." He says and I push him so hard he falls back onto the couch.

I stick my tongue out and run, but he catches me by the pants, nearly pulling them down.

To avoid him pulling me back, I mastered a trick from all the times my siblings attacked me and I leaned all my body weight forward .

Little did I know it would backfire considering my pants had hella elastic on them and when he let go it felt like someone sliced me in half.

I layer on the floor in silence, the sound of the slap echoing in my ears and through the living room.

I hear Ethan trying to hold in a laugh as I just stay still trying to reassure my brain that my body was still attached.

I slowly lift up, feeling numbness in my lower back and shock in my heart.

I turn to Ethan who was turning red from the laughter threatening to come out and I lift up my finger.

"Don't. You. Dare. Laugh." I say calmly, but slowly and as soon as I let out a breath, Ethan let out his inner hyena.

I sigh and walk to the hallway leading to the front door, reminding myself that I love him, and pushing him into traffic would make me sad.... eventually.

He finally comes to his senses and follows me out the door and on the way to Gabbie's house.

I knock, and Travis answers.

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