Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Raw

How would they like me if they knew everything about me? All my flaws.

No doubt, they've seen me at my worst physically, but never mentally or emotionally.

   I've always laughed with them and talked to them about the present, but they don't know my past, in fact, the only people who know my past only my family, and Gabbie, not even Michelle knows.

     I've made a lot of mistakes in the short time of me living. A LOT and I want to make sure that the both of them know me inside and out.

   If I can't choose, maybe they can choose for me.


As I walk down the hall I see Ethan rummaging through his locker and I take in a deep breath and walk to him.

I stand there waiting for him to notice me and when he does, he groans.

   "So are we talking to each other again, or are you just here to look at me?" He asks with an attitude and I roll my eyes.

   "We're talking." I say and Ethan looks up at me.

   "What changed your mind?" He asks, his attitude completely changed.

   "I want to try something else." I say and Ethan nods.

   "Like what?" He asks and I sigh.


I sat, with my legs crossed in front of me, in the study hall lounge of our school.

It was a room with lots of tables, desks, computers, sofa seats, couches, bean bags, soft chairs, and plush rugs in the front of the school close to the principals office with every intention to convince parents that our school was nothing but the best choice for their children, when in all actuality this room was just a hangout.

No one studied here, they studied in the library which was filled with ancient, misused, unkempt books, out of date computers, leaning desks, and little, to no chairs all hidden on the top floor in a dim hallway.

The reason I'm in the study hall was because no one else was here. It's after school, after practice and I'm waiting for Alex and Ethan to get here.

The only reason school was still open was for a PTA meeting in the gym, and student council meeting in their office across the hall.

I convinced my principal to unlock the study hall door for me so I could have a "meeting" with fellow royalty and troubled student, to help with volunteer hours. Which is wrong, I know.

But I need privacy for my VERY vulnerable and intimate secrets that I'm going to be sharing.

I twist my pen around in my fingers, anxiously waiting to hear the doors open.

After a few moments I hear a two pairs of heavy foots steps make their way to me and my heart began to beat a little faster than normal.

I look up to meet the eyes of two important men in my life, who I wanted to stay in my life. Both looking very confused and horrified at the same time.

So was I, I'm sure of it. I felt the wrinkles of fear on my forehead crease as I try to come up with different ways to actually speak my feelings.

"Hi." Was all that could form for now. They both respond with a confused, shaky greeting.

"Uhm, you probably are wondering why you're here." I say opening my arms and gesturing to the room,as they both sit in the chairs I purposefully sat in front of me.

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