Chapter twenty four: You did this

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*This chapter contains mature language*

Lucas's POV.

Maya was gone and I couldn't feel any worse.

"Oh, the hobo with the nasty house left" Drew started laughing histerically

"Shut up" I said

"What have I done? Oh my god, I am a terrible person" Riley was crying

"It's okay Riley" Farkle was saying

"You guys screwed up, bahaha you screwed up!" He kept on laughing

"Shut the fuck up" I yelled

"The hobo is gone guys" he replied fake crying

I kicked him in the stomach and he fell

"Ouch! Good one! Why kick me on this NASTY place tho? bahaha"

"You're a freak" Riley said and grabbed Farkle trying to follow Maya.

When Riley left, Drew spoke.

"I, Drew Friar, teared your girlfriend apart" he laughed

"Why her?" I asked

"Because she was an easy target. Because she's had a difficult life and she finally thought everything was goning to be alright. It felt so good taking that away from her"

"You are insane" I stated and he stood up

"You don't understand, YOU broke her, I just helped but this is all YOUR fault" He lit a cigarette

"Just because nobody ever loved you it doesn't mean other people can't be loved. Just because your life was misserable it doesn't mean that other people's life can't get better!" I yelled

"Keep telling yourself that this is my fault. I might have helped but tell me Lucas, HAD YOU EVER seen her cry before the night you kissed her?"  he took a zip of the cigarette

"I.. How do you know about that?!" I was so furious at him, at myself, at everything.

"Don't even try to switch topics, answer, had you ever?" he asked

"No." I answered

"That's what i thought" he smirked "You want to know why? Because she was happy being heartless, she was JUST FINE when she had no expectations, you screwed that up. YOU RUINED HER LIFE. You may not understand but you're hurting her. Some people, just doesn't need feelings"

"That's not true" I stated

"Say what you want, deep inside you know that you BROKE her, you KILLED Maya, good luck finding her now! Love DESTROYS Lucas, and she loved you, she loved you and only you. Look at her now," He chuckled "Crying in the hallways, PATHETIC, do her a favor and stay away, that if you happen to find her, that if she ever talks to you again"

A tear rushed down my face

"Crying little cowboy? How does it feel? How does it feel to believe that you screwed someone you cared so much about, f*ck you dude. You failed. You made her vulnerable, you RUINED her, don't even try to fix it, the damage is DONE." Drew lit another cigarette and started walking away.

"THIS IS YOUR FAULT" I yelled angrily

"You and I both know, that trying to blame it on me won't change facts, but aye, lets see the bright side, a real hobo will take care of this nasty place!" he looked back and smirked

"You f*cking bastard, you did this to me" I was crying

"She had nothing Lucas, she had nothing and she was doing just fine, then you came and filled her with expectations, she's like me, we don't do expectations but you made her expect, you made her CARE. And now, she's all alone again, she's messed up, you messed her up just like you f*cking family messed ME up, she will end up like me. Thanks to you"

"She will NEVER be like you" I told him but I realized I was telling that to myself too.

"Whatever, my duty here is over, good luck cousin, and dont worry, you will never see me again" Drew said and disappeared in the dark.








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