Chapter three: mixed emotions

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"Maya.." Lucas started saying "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure" I answered


Maya's POV.

"What is it Lucas?" I asked

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked, he was truly concerned about it.

"No, you didn't, it's me.. I don't, I'm not.." I started saying

"Sh, Maya you're perfect just the way you are, it's okay, you don't owe me any explanation" He said

"Thanks Lucas, I lik.." Wait what?

"I like it how you're so understanding" I corrected myself. WHAT?

"No problem Maya, I'm glad we're cool"

"Yeah, me too..." Was this awkward just for me?

"Eh... My mom is... Waiting.." He started saying

"Oh, yeah, sure, goodbye Lucas" I waved

I WAVED. Why did I wave?

"Bye Maya, see you on Sunday" he smiled

"See you" I told him and went back to Riley and Farkle

"So... Guys, hey" I said

"You're blushing! What did you two talk about? MAYA IS BLUSHING FARKLE!" Riley said with excitement

"RILEY! I'm not blushing and he just wanted to know if anything was wrong" I buffed

"Easy girl, let's not talk about that" Farkle interrupted and offered me grapes

"Farkle!" Mr. Matthews yelled "Your father just called, he says that he's waiting for you downstairs!"

"Tell him I'm on my way, thank you Mr. Matthews!" Farkle took his bag and headed out

"Bye girls!" He said

"Bye Farkle" we replied at the same time.

And then he left.

"Movie night?" I asked Riley

"No Maya, don't pretend like this is okay" she answered

"Drop it Riley, there is nothing to talk about" I laid on the couch

"Maya, I know you care, I know you have feelings and I know you do expect people to do things, you don't have to play that game with me" She laid beside me

Riley's POV

"Riles, I don't feel like talking about it, I feel like it's movie night time, I'll get popcorn" she told me

I knew she needed to tell someone about it, I knew she needed to talk.

I wish I could help

And suddenly, this idea came to my mind

"Maya, have you ever thought about keeping a journal?" I asked

"What?" She replied

"A journal, to write about your feelings,

Your days..." I suggested

"No kiddo, I don't do feelings" ugh, again with that attitude!

"Just consider it for me okay?" I tried once again

"I will, thanks Riles"

"Now please talk to me" I asked

"Can you drop it Riley ? I told you I don't want to talk about it, yet you're still asking the same thing over and over again! " she quickly got up

"That's because I care about you, you may not think people care about you, but they do, and you tearing yourself apart all the time is not something nice to see" I said

"Then don't see it. This is me Riley, if you don't like it, you might as well don't like to be my friend anymore." She didn't.

"Don't make me look like the bad guy here, you know I do this for you own good!" We don't usually fight

" Then I'm the bad guy? Can't you for once understand that my life is not a Fairytale Riley ? I understand you're trying to help, but my problems go way deeper that you can imagine!"

I really didn't know what to say.

"M-Maya, I'm sorry, you know what, you're right, I shouldn't..."

"It's okay. You should listen to me when I say I don't want to talk" she told me and I hugged her

It took a while but she hugged back.

"You pick the movie" I said

"I do" she grabbed the remote.


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