Chapter five: ice skating lessons

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*Edited Jan 10th 2016

Lucas's POV.

Maya was not an ice skating star to be honest, but she looked so cute when she fell and did that thing with her nose.

"You're doing fine, you're doing fine, keep going keep going" She was coming towards me.

She reached me and hugged me because she couldn't stop.

"Good one!" I laughed and hugged her back.

"Thank you, I'm not really good at this" she smiled

"I know you're not" I told her and smirked playfully.

"Oh shut up cowboy" she laughed

Suddenly, I looked right into her eyes and before I noticed, we were leaning towards each other, we were just about to kiss when...

Riley's POV.

Maya and Lucas looked so cute.

"Riley! Riley!" I heard Farkle yell, why was he so overexcited? what could possibly go wrong?

OUCH. Yes, I hit a pole.

I started seeing blurry and...

Anonymous POV.

"Are you okay? Does somebody know this girl? she just hit that pole!"

A little boy with brown hair yelled "Riley!"

"Man, is this your girlfriend? She was ice skating and..." I got interrupted

"I know, I know, Riley! Riley wake up, it's Farkle" the little boy said to the girl

Suddenly, a tall boy and a blonde came

"Hey man, do you know this girl?" I asked the boy.

"She is my best friend, what happened to her?" The blonde got in my way.

"She didn't..." I started saying.

"Not you dude, Farkle, what happened?" she was so mean.

The tall boy answered me.

"I know her, she's Riley, excuse Maya, she is her best friend..."

"Is she your girl?" I asked the boy.

"Er.. No" he replied

"I can help Riley, my parents are doctors, they taught me how to manage this" I said.

"Maya, let the boy help" The boy told the blonde

"I'm Drew, by the way" I said

"I'm Lucas" the boy answered

I got closer to Riley and checked her head and pulse, she was okay, she would wake up in no time.

Or that I hoped because I wasn't really keen on medicine.

Luckily, she did.

"Guys? What happened?" She asked, she had a bruise on her forehead.

"You hit the pole" Maya, the blonde, replied.

"Oh, I'm so dumb, and who are you?" she said talking to me.

"I'm Drew, I just moved here from Tampa" I said, the girl was pretty.

"I'm starting 9th grade in this school that is two blocks away tomorrow"

"Oh, that's our school, fresh meet!" The blonde said, she seemed.. I dont know... rude?

" nice to the boy!" Riley told her

"Thanks for helping me, see you tomorrow!" she told me

"No problem, bye" she was so cute.



So, drew looks like brooklyn beckham in my mind.


1: Do you like Drew for riley?

2: Should i make a chapter developing Drew's character a little more?

3: Should Maya and Lucas finally kiss in next chapter?

4: What do you think of the story so far? honest opinions and constructive criticism!


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