I'm crying y'all

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I can't believe this book reached 100k reads. It's way more than I'd ever EVER expected it to. I'm so happy and wanted to thank you. Every single one of you.

Thank you for keeping up with my crappy updating timings and everything you've kept up with.

Also, 3K votes?! And tons of comments! You're all an author can ask for. TYSM.

What's next:
• More updates of "The match test", this sh*it's about to get real 
• "Shuttered" my new book is coming right up
• do you think I should make a status book? (For those who don't know what a status book is, it's a book in which you set timings for your updates, you reveal some sneak peaks and propose new stuff!)


Truth or Dare? (lucaya)Bu hikayeyi ÜCRETSİZ oku!