Chapter tewnty one: roomies

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Maya's POV.

After we left Lucas and Drew, I went home and Riley did the same thing.

"Mom?" I asked to see if there was somebody

"I am just leaving!" She said

"I'm staying today" I replied

"Frozen pizza in the fridge, a boy rented the extra room, he's about your age and coming tonight, be nice"


"Okay" I buffed

"His name is Drew" she added and left


I took my phone to call Riley and saw an incoming call from Lucas, I picked up.

"Lucas what's up ? Are you okay?"

"Baby where are you?" Baby. Again. I don't even know.

"I'm home"

"Do you happen to be.. Uh... Renting a room?" He asked

"Drew rented it"

"Don't tell me you gave it to him"

"My mom did..."

"Uh.. Eh.. I.." He said

"I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do"

"It's okay, just.. Make him stay away from you"

"Don't worry, bye"

"Bye" he hung up

Suddenly someone knocked the door.

I opened and Drew came in

"Hello, sweetheart" he grabbed my face and I kicked his balls

"Ouch" he grabbed his leg

"Okay 'roomie'" I started "I don't know who the fuck you think you are but your stupid game doesn't go with me, I'm with Lucas so BACK OFF"

"We're going to have fun"

"WE are not doing anything besides sleeping under the same roof"

I thought about leaving but I wouldn't let him have the house to himself

"If you say so..."


"What gorgeous?"

"DONT call me that and ugh because I'm stuck in here with you all afternoon"

"Then invite your friends"


"You don't want them to see you live here"

"That's none of your fucking business" I buffed

"Now that you mention it.. It is... Because I will show everyone this place unless you... Help me out" he smirked


HERE IS THE UPDATEk, remember she is JUST 14, I mean



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