Chapter sixteen: the L word

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Maya's POV.

I was sleeping, it was 4 a.m. when I heard my phone ringing.


"MAYA!" She yelled

"What?" I answered in a cold voice

"MAYA LUCAS WOKE UP!" I stood up

"WHAT? OH MY GOD RILEY, I AM ON MY WAY" I said as I took a jacket and some shoes going out in my Pj's

I got to the hospital, tears were going down my face, I entered the room and saw him there, awake!

"Lucas!" I yelled in happiness

"Maya!" He said

Oh god, he remembered me !

"We'll leave you both alone a bit" Ms Friar, Riley and Farkle Left.

"I am so sorry I yelled at you and that I got mad and..." I was standing at the doorstep and he interrupted me

"Please come here" he smiled and I hugged him

He hugged back and he didn't let go.

"I really... Oh my god I thought we lost you" I was crying

"Don't cry baby, you couldn't loose me even if you tried " he hugged harder

Baby. That was the first time someone called me baby. I would normally punch him in the face but given the circumstances...

"I... I..." I started saying but I was interrupted again.

He kissed me.

"I can't explain how happy I am to have you here" I told him

"I'm happy too, Maya, I would like to tell you something about what happened that day.. Uh.. When the accident happened" he started saying

"I was so stupid, I am sorry, you're not a brat, you are the most beautiful and amazing person to walk this planet and...." He stopped

"And..?" I asked

"And I love you" he finished

"Lucas oh god.. I... I think I love you too..." I muttered

I didn't know if that was love, but it felt so real.

"Maya Hart, would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked smiling

"I don't think I've ever wanted something as bad as I want this" I answered and he kissed me and hugged me again.

He made me a space in his hospital bed and we remained hugged until Riley, Farkle and Ms Friar came in.

"Uhh.. Sorry to interrupt..." Ms Friar said and I jumped out of the bed

"I.. I am sorry Ms...." I started saying

"No need to honey, it's alright" I smiled and Lucas smiled too.

"Well.. Visiting hours ended a few hours ago so you should go home, Lucas will be out in 48 hours hopefully" she finished

"Bye Lucas, see you" Riley said

"Bye Lucas!" Farkle waved

And I didn't know if it was right but I went there and kissed his cheek

"Bye Lucas" we left


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