Chapter ten: the master plan

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Edited Jan 15th 2016.

Riley's POV.

"Farkle! FARKLE! I have something really important to talk to you about!" I ran after him.

"Do you need to know what color will I be wearing at our wedding?" Farkle smirked and I hit his arm playfully.

"No. Ew. Come here!" I said.

"What is it?"

"Maya and Lucas are dating..." He interrupted

"You can't be serious, I have to tell..."

"You're not telling anyone, can you please listen to me?!" I grabbed his face and made eye contact with him.

"Kiss me" he begged.

"What? No Farkle! " I pushed his head away.

"I tried.." He said and smiled.

"They are dating but Lucas got upset because Maya told me and then Maya got upset because she thought he was embarrassed of dating her and now Lucas is trying to get her back. But guess what?"

"What?" Farkle answered.

"I don't think Maya will forgive him easily"

"Ohh.." Farkle said as he made a sad face.

"But guess what!" I smiled again.

"What?!" He repeated.

"I of course have an idea!"

"Isn't Maya the one with the ideas?" He asked.

"Ha ha ha, do you wanna be a part of this or no?"

"Sure I do"

I told Farkle to come over so I could explain my master plan.

Maya would never forgive him because she doesn't believe he loves her, that's why, we had to prove her wrong.

"It's quite easy actually, after they get into this huge fight they're about to get into, Maya and Lucas will be pissed and come to us."

"Mhm" Farkle was listening.

"So the thing is basically asking the right questions, we will set some hidden cameras and we will ask Lucas if he really cares about Maya, he will say yes, and I will ask Maya some similar things. Then, we'll show the Maya hidden camera to Lucas and the Lucas hidden camera to Maya" I finished feeling a little (lot) proud of myself.

"Wow that's genius! You talked like if you were Maya! I'm in!" He laughed.


Next chapter will be about the Lucaya fight, so the plan will start working on The other chapter

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