Chapter fourteen: Oh my god

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General POV.

Maya was crying desperately and wouldn't talk.

"Mrs. Hart we need you to tell us what happened , you were the only witness" the officer told her

"I.. I..." She started saying

"Mrs Hart it will be okay, but we need to know what happened"

And then she talked.


Riley's POV

"I need to find him" Maya said and Headed out without even taking an umbrella.

"Maya wait!" I yelled

"Riles I can't right now" she was putting her sweater on

"The umbrella Maya!" I yelled

"It's okay I don't need one" she said and left.

Maya's POV

I needed to find Lucas so I headed out of the Matthews'. There was a foggy storm outside and I forgot to take an umbrella but I didn't care.

I walked to blocks when I saw him him.

"Lucas!" I yelled he was across the street

"Maya!" He yelled back and he crossed the street.

Or at least he tried

All of a sudden, a car came out of nowhere and ran into him.

"Lucas!" I cried and ran to him

"Oh my god!" The driver a middle aged man said as he got out of the car.

"Oh my god Lucas please wake up" Lucas was unconscious

The man called the police and an ambulance, but Lucas didn't wake up.

~End of Flashback~

Riley's POV.

Maya finished talking to the officer and her face was red from crying.

Suddenly, the doctor came out.

"Mr. Lucas friar is in a coma" he said and Maya cried harder.



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