chapter twenty three: Birthday boy

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*This chapter contains mature language*

Maya's POV.

Today was the day I was supposed to dump Lucas for Drew, and if that wasn't bad enough, it was Lucas's birthday.

I got to school and saw Drew, who had left home early, smirking.

"hello baby, time to show the world who is your real daddy" he grabbed me

"DO NOT call yourself daddy" ugh

"there he is!" he took me to Lucas

" hello Maya" Lucas leaned in to kiss me but Drew stepped in the way.

"happy birthday" I muttered.

"you got to be kidding me! birthday boy?! my congrats! you sure will remember this moment, wont he sweetheart?" Drew started and I swallowed

"sweetheart?" Lucas asked

"Do tell him dear"

"I'm breaking up with you" I said

"What? Maya what's going on?" he asked and Riley came, she didn't know about the act

"what's going on?!!!" she said

"I'm breaking up with Lucas" I stated

Drew was smiling

"I..I like Drew" I finally said

"kiss me babe" Drew whispered and I looked at Lucas asking for help, but as soon as I did, Drew's tongue was in my mouth.

We split up and I looked at Lucas again, he was now trying to hold himself with all his strength, and Riley was looking at me with disappointment

"I am sorry, if you'll excuse us" I said and grabbed Drew's arm, but suddenly someone stopped me.

"No, If you'll excuse US" Riley said and grabbed me

"What the heck is going on?!" Riley was so mad

"It's not what you think" I said

"Then what is it?! You are dating this jerk and broke up with Lucas, ON HIS BIRTHDAY, for him"

"I didn't, I can explain"

"Then explain!"

"Drew threatened me and told me to date him and break up witth Lucas, Lucas already knows that this is an act"

"What? What did he threaten you with?" she was furious

"I... I can't tell you" I muttered but she wasn't happy with that


"Oh... So you told her..." Drew told me.

I was so scared

"Well, you know, I think you all may want to follow me somewhere" He smirked, "meet me here in 10 minutes"

He left

"What is it Maya?" Lucas asked

"What happened?" Farkle was there too, I wonder how he got here

"I.." tears started going down my face, they would see my house, I was so embarrassed.

"Maya what happened?" Riley hugged me but I stepped back 

"I... I just can't right now" I said and left

Lucas's POV.

Riley, Farkle and I never left the spot where Drew left us.

What had he done to Maya? What was he going to show us?

I wanted to kick his ass all the way to Texas.

Suddenly he appeared.

"Follow me" he said

"What if we dont?" Riley asked

"Then this  will be the least important of Maya's problems"

we followed.

Maya's POV.

I decided to sit besides the door of my house and I saw Drew, Lucas, Riley and Farkle coming.

"Look who is here to see the show!" Drew chuckled to himself

"What is this nasty place?" Riley said

"Maya, will you talk or I will?" He asked

"Drew please don't do this" I begged. I BEGGED, I DONT BEG.

"Too late" he said slamming the door open.

The scratched walls, humid roof, broken floor and old and dirty furniture were there.

"What is this place, does a hobo live here or..?" Lucas started and I cried harder

"I live here" I said and ran away.


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