Chapter twenty two: deal?

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**this chapter contains mature language**


"Now that you mention it.. It is... Because I will show everyone this place unless you... Help me out" he smirked


Maya's POV

"What? Why would you even? " I started saying, I didn't like this

"I have my reasons" he replied

"Well what are they?" I asked curiously

"Break up with Lucas and pretend to date me" he suddenly said


I speed dialed Lucas

"I'm sorry, What?"

"Break up with Lucas and pretend to date me" he grabbed my arm

"No! What do you think I am? I am not your sl*t" I yelled

"Well, but You must do it or..."

If he said it Lucas would find out

"I..." I muttered

"Perfect, babe" he smirked and grabbed my cheek In a playing gesture

"Don't touch me" I told him

I hung up and Lucas texted me immediately.

<<What was that all about? WHY is he threatening you?!>> the text said

<<He.. He threatened me with something very personal...>>I replied

<< I swear will kick his ass >> if he did that, then Drew would tell about my house

<<No, Lucas, I think we have to play along>> I replied

<<Well that will be fun, PS. I miss you>> I blushed

<<Me Too ;)>>


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