Chapter seventeen: Drew

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Maya's POV

Two days later, Lucas was back in school as if nothing happened, I was so happy.

Because of the accident, he decided to stop holding himself up. He realized that everything can change in just a second.

He was my boyfriend and there was nothing to hide.

"Hey" he said as he kissed me

I still felt butterflies every time he kissed me

"Hey Ranger Rick" I laughed

"I thought we were past that"

"Not in a million years Bucky McBoing Boing" he laughed and put his arm around me.

"I'm so glad I am back"

"Me too"

"Guys, we have to get to class" Riley came hopping around the hall with Farkle

"Sure" I said and we all left


Riley's POV

"Drew" I told Maya. The cute boy who had helped me out when we were ice-skating who hadn't show up at school till now.

I must have said it to loud because he turned around.

"Hey" he said "Roxy?"

"Riley" I corrected and smiled, he smiled back

"Drew my friend" Maya came to him and grabbed his shoulder

"Oh, you're the crazy blonde" he laughed

"Oh no you didn't" I told him and Lucas grabbed Maya

"I'm the one who gives the nicknames here, got it?" Maya said

"Sorry M'aam" he replied with a playing smile

"You better be"

"And you are Lucas, right?"


"And...?" He looked at Farkle

"Farkle" he introduced himself

My father came inside

"Hello class today we are going to talk about the Industrial Revolution" he started "does anyone know what was it about?"

Farkle raised his hand


"It was a transition time" Farkle said

"Yes, correct Farkle, but what I want to take out of this huge revolution is the fact that everything changed within very little time, something made the world change in no time at all, something had such an impact on the world that the world changed" the bell rang

"Class, for Friday, read chapter 4 of our history book"

"So.. Riley, wanna go grab some milkshakes later ?" Drew asked me

Wow. I didn't see this coming but he was actually REALLY cute.

"Uhh.. Yeah sure" I muttered

"It's a date! See you after school" Drew left.

A date? Did I just get a date?!

"Wow" Maya said

"He knows how to flirt" Farkle added " I don't like him"

"Oh shut up Farkle" I told him


SOOOO... Riley is going on a date????!! What will mr Matthews think?!

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