Chapter nine: embarrassed

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Edited Jan 15th 2016.

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Maya's POV.

Was he mad?

"Yeah, I told her, is that a problem? I asked raising an eyebrow.

"I thought that maybe we should have talked about it before people found out!" He replied.

He sounded angry and I just felt confused.

"Well I'm sorry! I never thought about it!" I yelled n

"I know it's just.. " I was having a hard time understanding the reasons of his behavior.

"Are you embarrassed of people knowing that we're together?" I asked after an awkward silence that seemed as long as Rapunzel's hair.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

"No Maya , no, you got it wrong" he apologized but he didn't say the reason why he was upset either.

"I did, huh?" I couldn't hold tears anymore so I turned around and started walking away.

Lucas's POV.

Why would I be embarrassed? I was a little mad because she didn't tell me she told her!

"What are you doing standing there Lucas?! GO!" Riley said.

"Should I?" I asked her.

"If you don't go now, you'll loose her" Riley sounded serious so I took her advice, after all, she kind of knew her better than I did.

I didn't want to loose Maya, I like Maya, I would never be embarrassed of her, I wasn't going to let this happen.

"Maya, wait!" I ran after her


So, what do you think? Will she forgive him??

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