Chapter four: ice skating sunday

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*Edited Jan 10th 2016

Farkle's POV.

I've been waiting for Lucas to come out of the bathroom for an hour now.

"Lucas! What are you doing in there?" I yelled

"Getting ready" he answered

Lucas was really nervous because we were going ice skating with Riley and Maya, he should learn the Farkle style: flirt more think less.

Lucas's POV.

I'm seeing Maya today, last week, I wasn't sure if I liked her but after Friday I'm more than sure.

But it will be so awkward.

I'm thinking like a girl. And I'm a boy, and boys go straight forward. So I'll stop thinking about it.

I got out of the bathroom, Farkle was waiting.

Maya's POV.

I'm freaking out! I've never ice skated in my entire life! And I'm seeing Lucas today!

I'm not that kind of girl, what is wrong with me?

I still try to sound as the usual careless Maya

"Riles, come on! How long are you going to make me wait?" I yelled

"I'm coming!" She said getting out of the bathroom but I kept looking at myself on the mirror

"Maya... I'm out, we can go now!" She said and I stood up

"After you honey" I told her and closed the door behind us

"So.. Aren't you like... Nervous or something?" She asked

"Why would I be?" I asked back trying to look natural

"I don't know.. Maybe because I can see your crush on Lucas from Alaska!"


"Pfff.. Riley I'm not crushing on Lucas!" My acting was bad. It was like Cory hiding something from us kind of bad.

"Sure you're not kiddo" she said

"Don't start talking like me, that's my thing"

"I'm sorry" she told me and I laughed

Riley's POV

Maya was totally crushing on Lucas! Oh my god!

If this worked out well Maya would finally be a little happier!

We got to the place early so I suggested her to get started.

"Maya, we should start early so I can teach you a bit" I smiled

"Sure" she said getting on her ice skates

"Okay, it's really not a big deal, I'm sure you'll figure it out real quick" I told her

But she didn't. Oh boy she didn't.

"Maya watch out!"


And there she was, and there was Lucas, she was going too fast...

Lucas's POV.

I was entering the rink when Maya came all over me and we both fell.

She looked terrified.

"Lucas oh my god!" She apologized.

Wow, she looked stunning.

"It's okay, don't worry" I said and put my hand around her waist to help her get up but once she did, I didn't let go of her.

"I'm so sorry, I've never done this before" she muttered and clumsily tried not to fall again.

Maya's POV.

Oh my god, that didn't just happen.

"It's okay, I can teach you" he told me.

"You can?" I answered

"It will be my pleasure" he said gently still holding me.

"Okay, enough guys" Farkle interrupted.

"Farkle, come here, NOW!" Riley's voice was loud and clear.

Thanks Riles. I thought to myself.

"So, shall we start with the lesson?" He asked

"Sure thing!"


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