Chapter fifteen: wake up please

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Maya's POV.

Two weeks passed.

Lucas wouldn't wake up and I couldn't be more devastated.

"Mrs Hart, visiting hours are over, you can come back tomorrow" the nurse said to me

"Can't I stay a little longer?" I begged

"That's again the hospital rules Mrs." She replied

I let go of Lucas's hand and looked at the nurse to see her holding her tears.

"Goodnight Lucas, I will be back tomorrow at 2" I said and left without looking back.

As soon as I got out of the room, tears filled my eyes, I was trying so hard to be strong.

The doctor said that he would wake up eventually, but that it could take a while (or maybe not).

Riley hugged me. "Maya, It will be just fine"

"It's my fault Riley" I mumbled

"We both know it's not"

We were heading out when we bumped into Ms. Friar who would stay all day and night with Lucas .

"Maya dear, I couldn't help but listen to your conversation, it's not your fault, you know it's not. See you tomorrow dear" she told me

"See you tomorrow Ms Friar."

I got to the Matthews and went to bed.

My eyes were red from crying all day long

"Maya, he will wake up" Riley said and laid besides me

"I hope so" I said and fell asleep.


Okay so this is a filler chapter, just to explain how life was while Lucas was in a coma, I hope you liked it but this was not today's update, I'll update another one soon today

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