Chapter twelve: guilt

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Maya's POV.

I was crying like never before, I had promised Riley that I would go to her house tonight so I had to go

I waited q few minutes and finally knocked the door

"Maya?" She said from the other side but I didn't reply and she just opened

"Maya what happened?" She asked and hugged me

I hugged back "I told him about my dad"

Riley's POV

Wow... This had gone way deeper than I thought, I hope the plan works out

"Oh... What happened?" I asked and she told me the story

"... And when I talked about my father, he apologized but he.." She ended the sentence there

"Maya listen , I know you really like him, and you have to understand that maybe he didn't know the complete story" I said

"I know, I think I love him but I just... I can't.. My dad..."

I smiled to my insides

"I know, but you shouldn't be worrying about that, your dad Is something you shouldn't be thinking about right now"

"I know, I... I like Lucas and my dad should never be able to take anything else from me, but I still think he is embarrassed of me" she cleaned her tears and they eventually stopped falling from her eyes

"He's not and...That's the attitude!" I smiled

Lucas's POV.

I... Maya... Her dad... I screwed up really badly.

I knocked Farkle's door

"Lucas" I said and he opened

Farkle's POV.

"I screwed up dude" he said as he sit on the couch

"What? Why?" I asked

"I told her she was behaving like a brat and she brought up her dad in the conversation, she was crying like I've never seen anyone cry before" he touched the back of his neck

"But you really like her" I said

"I do, and that's why I'm so upset at myself right now!" He punched the couch

"I get it, but.. Was it that bad?" I asked

"It was! How did I never thought about it?! She even had to say it herself for me to realize! She will never like me again..." He kept on punching the couch

"Easy on the couch, it costs $10.000" I tried to make him laugh

"I'm sorry Farkle.. I just wish I.."

"You'll get her back, love is the most powerful thing in the world" I said

"Thanks bud" he smiled and I smiled back.

I texted Riley.

Riley's POV.

I received a text from Farkle.

*its done* it said

*same* I replied and smiled


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