Chapter thirteen: Forgiveness

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Riley's POV.

Now we had to make it work

*how are we going to show them the videos?* Farkle texted me

*send me the video, I will send you the other one* I answered

*okay* he said and sent the video, I sent him the other one

"Maya.. I have something to tell you, you've been played!" I smiled

"What?" She replied

Farkle's POV.

"Lucas, I have something to show you!"

"What is it dude, I'm not in the mood"

"I bet you will want to see this" I smirked

"Okay.. "

And I put play to the video.

Maya's POV.

"what do you mean by played?" I asked, I was starting to get mad

"Look at this" she said and out play to a video.

<<It was! How did I never thought about it?! She even had to say it herself for me to realize! She will never like me again...>>

Lucas was saying in the video. He really liked me.

"Oh my god Riles how did you ... Thanks!" I hugged her

"Don't be so happy yet... I sent your video to Farkle.. Aka Lucas"


"I'm sorry okay ? But that was the only way to fix it" she apologized

Lucas's POV.

<<I know, I... I like Lucas and my dad should never be able to take anything else from me, but I still think he is embarrassed of me>> Maya finished


"Farkle I..."

"You're welcome" Farkle smiled

"I have to call Maya" I said

"Call her? Go get her dude!" Farkle answered.

I took my jacket and left


Sooooo hey! How are you guys !?

Ily, this chapter was crappy but the next one will be really good I promise! We'll have some Diley ( Drew and Riley I just made it up ) and a LOT of LAYA!

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