MUST READ/Truth or Dare? (Lucaya FanFic)

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Most important a/n in the whole story: even though I tried to edit it periodically this story was written when GMW had just begun and so the ship names weren't settled yet. That's why you'll notice the use of "Laya" instead of "Lucaya"


Okay guys, so this is my Lucaya Fanfic, i hope you like it.

Three things:

1. I made them 9th graders, they're 14.

2. This is just a fanfic, i dont own GMW rights

3. Dont copy the story, this story is 100% original and it can only be posted by Wonderlander- on wattpad.



Maya Hart is a difficult girl with difficult life but that will never stop her from helping the people she loves.

One night, hanging out with her friends Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus and Lucas Friar, Lucas is challenged to make out with her.

Will this change anything? Will they belong together? Will Maya open her cold heart to anyone?

Truth or Dare? (lucaya)Bu hikayeyi ÜCRETSİZ oku!