Chapter six: the kiss

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Edited Jan 12th 2016

Maya's POV.

This Drew guy left, Riley stood up and Lucas and Farkle smiled.

"I think it's enough ice skating for today" I laughed.

"Yeah" Riley agreed grabbing her head with one hand and Farkle's shoulder with the other one.

"That doesn't look that bad Riley" Farkle told her and she nodded.

"I should go.. Will you be okay Riles?" I asked.

"Yeah, Farkle can take me home" she smiled.

"I'll come with you Maya" Lucas said and pulled my arm but didn't let go.

"Mmhm, okay" I nodded.

Lucas and I were walking together and suddenly, he took my hand.


He looked at me and smiled and as I didn't know what to say I smiled back.

"We're close to my place..." Lucas said.

"I don't want you to leave" I told him. I couldn't believe my mouth.

It was like when he grabbed my hand and I let him, we had suddenly connected.

"Neither do I" he grabbed my face with both hands.

Before I noticed, our lips were pressed against each other's, Lucas put me against a wall and kissed me, but this time, with passion.

Lucas's POV.

I kissed Maya, but this time, it was a real kiss, not a dare.

"I really like you Maya" I told her, hoping I wouldn't regret that.

"I like you too lover boy" she smiled and stood on her tip toes to give me a peck on the lips.

Maya's POV.

"Where should I walk you to ma'am?" He asked me in an amusing tone.

"No-uhh.. It's fine, you go home I can go home alone" I told him.

"Maya is this about your mother?" He asked.

"Lucas I don't want to talk about it"

"And I don't want to leave, I want to be with you right now Maya" he told me.

"Maybe we can see each other later?" I suggested.

"Come over to my house" he suddenly said.


"I know it's too soon, I'm sorry" he apologized.

"I know, see you tomorrow loverboy" I smiled and he grabbed my cheek in a cute gesture before she kissed me.

"Maya?!" A woman said



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1. How should Maya's mom react? Wanting to meet the guy or hating the idea?

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